Gardy Gets Frustrated

We’re doing all this stuff so we don’t have to tell them. We shouldn’t have to. They should learn this in the Minor Leagues.

- Ron Gardenhire

John Shipley of informs us that the Minnesota Twins manager is getting increasingly frustrated by the lack of baseball fundamentals currently on display from the younger players on his team this season.

This, of course, is kind of humourous considering that Gardenhire won the American League Manager of the Year last season based largely on his reputation as the leader of a team that plays baseball the right way. Apparently, “the right way” is best learned in the Minor Leagues while credit for it stays at the big league level.

With his twelve man pitching staff, plethora of middling middle infielders and a severe lack of understanding for when a platoon advantage is actually advantageous, perhaps Gardenhire himself could use a refresher on exactly what those fundamentals truly are.