Pitchers are such a helpful bunch. Since they lack the ability to field the ball themselves, they want to give their support staff all the direction they can muster.

One thing pitcher’s love to do is point out in-between fly balls, especially helpful for centerfielders and the like. “Where did that popup go? Oh, the pitcher is helpfully directing my eyes in the direction of its trajectory. I’m on it. Thanks, Meat!”

Phillies rookie pitcher Michael Schwimer tried to chip in during his big league debut. I don’t really think the Phillies outfielders needed his help on this one.

The image you see lovingly screencapped above shows Michael Schwimer gesturing toward a ball off the bat of excellent Nationals rookie Danny Espinosa, as if to say “there it is, you guys! Go catch it.”

Those are Schwimer’s words. The Nats broadcast team chose a few different words to describe it:


“Danny Espinosa greets the rookie with a LONG home run”

Danny Espinosa hit this ball some 427 feet to right center field. It was indeed a long home run. A no-doubter, in fact.

It’s okay, Schwim. You’ll learn the different sound the ball makes off a big-leaguers bat. It just takes a little bit of time.