To say it succinctly, people really really like John McDonald. Young and old, men and women, the world mourns the loss (or trade) of John McDonald.

Lots of “screw Aaron Hill but NOT JOHNNY MAC” floating around the twitterverse. Which is generally unsurprising. When you delve into the trending topics, you get all kinds of “slice of life” commentary that, frankly, makes me weep for humanity. But we must soldier on below the jump.

In Kelly Johnson’s defense, he does bring a 9.1% walk rate with him to Toronto. On the other hand…that tends not to matter when players join the Blue Jays.

This, friends, is how you become a guest on the Getting Blanked podcast. Pander or die.

Alex Anthopoulos does Alex Anthopoulos-shaped things.

Amy has her gaze affixed firmly on the prize. Pay attention, draft-pick hoarding wunderkind.

Alex Anthopoulos does Alex Anthopoulos things.

John McDonald collects standing ovations like you collect Petro Points.

You might notice these comments are all from Twitter. There’s a reason for that. The level of dialog on Facebook isn’t quite up to the same….standard.

Hold on, one of these deserves a zoom.

As for the pros, here is Eno Sarris of Fangraphs on the Jays side of the deal.

It may not be immediately obvious, but AA made a small but shrewd deal today that saved his team money, increased his flexibility, and increased his team’s chance at good draft picks in the offseason. That’s the sort of marginal improvement you always have to fight for when you’re in the American League East.