To say it succinctly, people really really like John McDonald. Young and old, men and women, the world mourns the loss (or trade) of John McDonald.

Lots of “screw Aaron Hill but NOT JOHNNY MAC” floating around the twitterverse. Which is generally unsurprising. When you delve into the trending topics, you get all kinds of “slice of life” commentary that, frankly, makes me weep for humanity. But we must soldier on below the jump.

In Kelly Johnson’s defense, he does bring a 9.1% walk rate with him to Toronto. On the other hand…that tends not to matter when players join the Blue Jays.

This, friends, is how you become a guest on the Getting Blanked podcast. Pander or die.

Alex Anthopoulos does Alex Anthopoulos-shaped things.

Amy has her gaze affixed firmly on the prize. Pay attention, draft-pick hoarding wunderkind.

Alex Anthopoulos does Alex Anthopoulos things.

John McDonald collects standing ovations like you collect Petro Points.

You might notice these comments are all from Twitter. There’s a reason for that. The level of dialog on Facebook isn’t quite up to the same….standard.

Hold on, one of these deserves a zoom.

As for the pros, here is Eno Sarris of Fangraphs on the Jays side of the deal.

It may not be immediately obvious, but AA made a small but shrewd deal today that saved his team money, increased his flexibility, and increased his team’s chance at good draft picks in the offseason. That’s the sort of marginal improvement you always have to fight for when you’re in the American League East.

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  1. The facebook comments are the best. Future Getting Blanked podcast guests all around! Huzzah!

  2. Why are you posting random tweets from morons? Post comments from actual analysts who gives a sh&* about these.

  3. I’m confused. Who is Kristopher Michael Klith demanding be fucked off…offff

  4. That was entertaining.

  5. I don’t like seeing tweets from morons either. It makes me ashamed to be a Blue Jays fan to see the company I keep.

  6. my favourite is “Hill was about to play better”. HAHA

  7. I assume you facebook zoomed to let us know former Jays’ lefty Chris Michalak’s opinion on the trade?

  8. cliff corcoran at said in his piece on the trade “…at 36, john mcdonald is no longer a superlative defender…”. not sure what he means with this, but i think maybe he needs to be reminded of the fact that john mcdonald is at the very least a mindblowingly fucking awesome defender.

  9. Hilarious!

    Screwed move A.A.. for sure.

    ‘Posts from morons’ are great for a laugh on a Tuesday afternoon.


    • He’s still nails, but he’s lost a half-step. Remember three or four years ago, when as a full time player he’d be in the Gold Glove hunt?

  10. I think that “Posts from Morons” ought to be a regular feature

  11. Great move. Very intelligent. Jays could get two draft pics from this or at least one. Johnny Mac is a FA and will be back next year. Even hill could be back. Rent out Johnny Mac and Hill for 6 weeks and get one or two high draft pics. Smart move to us with baseball intelligence, dumb move to those without.

  12. Love how the Fangraphs article about the AZ side of the deal is basically:

    “I’ve got nothing”.

  13. I’m not sure if the AA I know actually made this trade…how did the ninja not end up with J Upton?

  14. Maybe Upton is a PTBNL in the deal. Details pending…….

  15. I find it deliciously ironic that the dumbest comment on that facebook thing is from a guy who shares a name with a former Jays pitcher.

  16. are some of those twitter and facebook comments transcriptions from Fan590 callers? You wanna talk about dumb.. I heard one caller express deep concern that the Jays are losing all of their “very important leadership guys” without these guys according to the caller, it is impossible to win. This was right before Michael Grange came on and berated the trade because according to him “you have to remember, the Jays should still be trying to win RIGHT NOW” I guess Grange thinks that giving up a negative WAR player and a guy who plays once a week tops for a slight upgrade at that position offensively is severely hurting the Jays chances of winning RIGHT NOW. The Fan gets more painful to listen to everyday.

  17. dibble, you’re right. A good chunk of the Fan590 “experts” don’t know nearly enough about baseball considering their position. I’m just going to switch the channel to TSN Radio and see what they’re saying….

    Oh God, what have I done?

  18. If I had a dime for every 590 caller from Kitchener who says the Jays need a closer and more ‘character’ guys, I could’ve personally bought out Wells’ contract and had enough money left over for a couple bottles of OE to play Forty Hands with Gordie Dougie.

  19. Has there ever been a gm who cared less about optics than AA? Holding firm against Beede, trading fan favorites, he simply refuses to pander to those who can’t see the big picture and he manages to do this without a hint of arrogance. Is this guy the best or what?

  20. didn’t realize the redoubtable x-Jay pitcher was still in tune and so emotionally invested in The Team. I guess he’s not coming to the next alumni gathering?

  21. Chris M. has a real @Dadboner vibe. “Traded Johnny Mac, you guys. Sick of this.”

  22. If I went on that facebook thread and said I liked the deal and intellegently stated why, I would immediately be labelled a Rogers apologist (and a few nastier things). Same with the Escobar deal last year.

    I think a large portion of the fanbase has become mediocritized. Mediocrity is funny. First you hate it, then you get used to it. Enough time passes, you get so you depend on it. That’s mediocritized.

  23. I wonder if Chris Michalak is the same Chris Michalak who pitched for the Jays for a second or two. He sure seems to have a lot of anger in him, and if it was this move that deemed the Jays not worth his time, then Mr. Michalak has some pretty valuable time.

    Nice post.

  24. Okay, does it make any sense to anyone that Hill would be traded now and then brought back? You believe in the player or you don’t. He’s better than he’s shown (not a big stretch given how bad he’s been) but there’s absolutely no way Alex trades him unless he’s done as a Blue Jay. Mac may come back, as with the Detroit rental.

    • Yeah, it’s almost assured that Hill’s not coming back. Johnson has been a target of AA’s for a long time and I’m pretty sure he’ll be starting at 2B for the Jays next year.

      In reading the reaction of this trade, though, I think many have underrated just how good a player Johnson is (and how good he could be if he brings his K rate down a bit).

  25. Just to let you know this is Chris Michalak the one who enjoyed his time with the Blue Jays and I DO NOT have a facebook account and those are NOT my comments on the trade. Thank you. I wish nothing but the best for the people in Toronto. They treated me so well in my short time there. Thank you.

  26. This is like a really awkward episode of “Same Name”…

  27. Hill is done and pretty much has been since the knee to the head. Nothing wrong with getting Johnson for the next 5 weeks and either resigning him or getting a type A/B pick if he goes somewhere else. I’d prefer to have a guy having an off year compared to a guy who has clearly been on the decline after 2008. As for Johnny Mac, he goes to the playoffs, which he deserves. In the post season, Toronto either throws some cash his way and he’s resigned or he retires somewhere hot and sunny. AA is waving his magic wand again.

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