Are the Dodgers Serious?

Bone-chilling news out of Los Angeles as LA Times columnist T.J. Simers reports the Dodgers sent out evaluation forms to season ticket holders, asking them to rate the team’s…announcers.

Are the Dodgers seriously polling the electorate for its opinion of Vin [GETTING BLANKED}ing Scully?

Simers notes a season ticket holder forwarded him an email searching for feedback on the full Dodgers broadcast team (Vin doesn’t travel beyond California at this point so the Dodgers have a big broadcast team) with the SIXTY-TWO YEAR VETERAN and national treasure Scully’s name appearing right alongside the likes of mortals Steve Lyons and Ricky Monday. An excerpt:

On a scale of 1 to 5, “They wanted my opinion of Vin Scully in the following eight areas: 1. Knowledge of baseball; 2. Knowledge of Dodgers organization; 3. Objectivity; 4. Accuracy of calls; 5. Storytelling ability; 6. Focus on the game; 7. Style; 8. Overall performance.

What is this-I don’t even!

The Dodgers are in a period of serious upheaval right now and clearly suffer from a lack of direction. But honest to God, who okayed this? The ONE THING the Dodgers have going for them beyond Matt Kemp — the one symbol of all that is right and just in this world — and he’s subject to the thoughtless clicks of John from Yorba Linda? Outrage!

Perhaps the Dodgers could have saved considerable time and paperwork by just heading over to the Facebook group dedicated to getting Scully to call the World Series of the considerable favor given to the online petition with the same goal. PEOPLE LOVE VIN SCULLY, YOU ASSES.

Sorry, I got a little heated there. For a great relaxation device, pull up a map of Southern Calfornia. Now read all the place names in your head using Vin’s voice. Instant serenity!

The Dodgers are well within their rights to take the temperature of the fanbase as it relates to the broadcast team. Doesn’t Vin Scully somehow rise above the level of generic regional broadcaster? The Dodgers issued a statement to Simers, noting the job is Vin’s “as long as he wants it.” Maybe they could treat him that way. At least give him the benefit of the doubt.

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  1. T.J. Simers is a weapons grade douchebag. There are some things in life you don’t question, Vin Scully is one of them.

    • Whoops, re-read that, it’s the Dodgers sending out the form. Well, this is the team owned by the McCourts with Colletti as the GM, so I’m not surprised. I still stand by the Simers comment.

  2. What a joke. If only the MLB International broadcast could be Scully! Buck and McCarver need to replaced and I’m not sure how McCarver has done 21 of the past 25 World Series broadcasts? I do love the fact that Sportsnet does show quite a few Dodgers games with Scully broadcasting.

  3. So they’re polling season ticket holders, who are supposedly attending 50% of the games, therefore only watch a maximum of 50% of the broadcasts on TV. That’s really smart.

  4. What’s the big deal? Vin Scully is pretty good but it’s not like he’s Chris Berman or something.

  5. 1) he’s retiring.
    2) this is a sabr-oriented blog; presumably you think that “objective” metrics should be applied to determine people’s worth/you don’t hate HR culture.
    3)it is probable that they are tryin to guage fans’ likes/dislikes as a means of choosing the best fit for his successor (or backup…whatever)

  6. I happened to be reading the LA Times today and my jaw dropped when I saw what the Dodgers were asking the season ticket holders to do. Simers is not the greatest of writers (he is an idiot) but the 28 out of 40 came with lots of sarcasm. It mostly makes fun of the fact that the Dodgers are a complete mess right now and that Scully is not informed on facts such as “does he know that Jamie McCourt is sleeping with her driver.”

    I am pretty sure that it is not possible to give Scully a rating lower than 40 out of 40. Nobody can call a baseball game better than he can and he does it alone. I usually mute the TV when watching non-Dodgers games because other broadcasters just don’t have a clue but when Scully announces the game I have to hear it all because you don’t know what you are going to learn when listening to him or what great story you might hear.

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