Introducing Cleveland Brownlee

The London Majors of Southern Ontario’s very own semi-professional Intercounty Baseball League have a player on their roster whose name is Cleveland Brownlee.

Conclusions one can draw from this fact:

  • Employment in a semi-professional baseball league is every bit as honourable as being a “dancer” at a gentleman’s club.
  • If my last name was Bronconi, my first child’s name would be Denver.
  • It’s the little things that make life worth living.
With thanks to Craig Robinson for the link.

Comments (10)

  1. That’s an L, not an I.

  2. Still if your a football fan of the southern variety im sure you get what the writer is saying… poor parents must have been kosar fans or something ha… and the stats man should be fired

  3. Hey, he’s alright though, I watched him hit a grand slam on Father’s day this year, pretty cool. Name’s kind of a ‘what were they thinking’ thing though, no doubt.

  4. Embarrassing that you devoted a whole post to this only to discover that the “I” is really an “L”.

  5. Yet another great reason to get out and see the majors play…ha who am i kidding.

  6. Still funny, regardless of the letter mishap.

  7. about as bad as my friend Jack whose dad Carl Hammer didn’t really think the name through

  8. Hey! Pointstreak does stats for my league! I’m relevant (ish)!

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