That’s right, friends. It is time to stream all over this Thursday like it suggested the Jays sign Orlando Hudson for 2012. We’re ready to talk about Ricky Romero’s dance between the lightning bolts, Brandon Morrow on blast and the Giants finally coming together as a unit. A limp, inept, inoffensive unit but they’re back, baby!

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Tweet your questions, comments or ball washings of Gordon Douglas Lawrie to @DustinParkes@AndrewStoeten and @DrewGROF. Use the hashtag #dirtygordiedougie because the rest of your message had better be all caps and exclamation marks!!!!

If your twitter is too bogged down with predictable Mike Vick jokes, join the live chat below the jump for instant gratification and that soothing Cover it Live clicking sound. It’s the stuff of dreams!

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  1. New Drinking Game: Have a sip of beer every time Gordie Dougie touches his junk either in the field or at the plate.

    We’re certainly no lightweights, and we tried this at the game last night and we were trashed by the end of the 3rd inning.


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