The Four Strikeout Inning

During today’s game against the Detroit Tigers, Tampa Bay Rays starter and AL Rookie of the Year candidate Jeremy Hellickson began the third inning by striking out Austin Jackson. Unfortunately, catcher Kelly Shoppach couldn’t hold on to the pitch, and Jackson advanced to first base.

Undeterred, Hellickson then proceeded to strike out the next three batters in order, giving him four for the inning. Surprisingly, this feat isn’t as rare as you might think. The Rays rookie is the fifty-first pitcher to do it, and the third already this season. Former Angels pitcher Chuck Finley is the only guy to do it twice.

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  1. Just wondering, is it officially a strikeout? If he had 10 more strikeouts would he have 13 or 14 k’s?

  2. Did anybody ever strike out 5 batters in an inning?

  3. Chuck Finley has done it three times – May 12, 1999; August 15, 1999; and April 16, 2000.

  4. Maybe a little off topic but I’ve got a question:

    I’ve heard that power pitchers are the only way to be successfull in the AL East, but when I see that both Romero and Morrow can be successful, I question the conclusion. What are your thoughts? Is any type of pitcher more suited to a certain division? I’m too lazy to do the legwork to answer this.

    • Dude…Morrow not a power pitcher? He definatley is.

      As for Romero? He’s crafty and left handed. And he does have some zip.

      • Sorry – I may not have been clear. I meant that both styles of pitching (Romero’s crafty leftedness and Morrow’s power) seem to work. I was just wondering if Romero’s “crafty” path to succes is the exeption to the rule in the AL East or if “power pitching is the only way” is a misconception?

  5. Did BJ Ryan ever do it? I know it seemed like he did all the time back in that first year with the Jays before his arm turned into an arm shaped piece of poo.

  6. Marcum? What about Wakefield with 199 wins…

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