Former Toronto Blue Jays John McDonald and Aaron Hill made their debuts for the Arizona Diamondbacks last night in Washington, and . . .

. . . How inconsiderate was it of Alex Anthopoulos to trade these guys to the Diamondbacks? I mean, if he bothered to read Getting Blanked at all, he’d know that our allegiances lay with the Giants in San Francisco, not their division rivals in Arizona.

I didn’t think all of this was going inspire conflicted feelings, but sure enough, as I flipped back and forth between Tim Lincecum’s 2-1 masterpiece and the D’backs doubling up of the Nationals 4-2, I couldn’t help but pull for the new arrivals, despite both McDonald and Hill going a combined 0 for 8 (some things remain the same).

As for the bigger picture, the Giants remain two games back of Arizona with 40 games to go for both teams.

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  1. You are aware that the Giants aren’t going to pull off a miracle again this year, right?

  2. Are you sure he isn’t pulling for the Giants with that trade? Looking at the offensive numbers between the two… well… it’s somewhat offensive to think it’d be an ‘upgrade’ to the D’Back’s O (unless it was really that attrocious before the trade, but I doubt it). Defensively, they’ll be entertaining to watch!

  3. Johnny Mac did make a pretty impressive play in the eight inning.

  4. Yeah, and Hill was diving around and just missing balls like the good ol’ days.

  5. The DBacks were playing Willlie “The Physical Embodiment of a Replacement Player” everyday at short. Johnny Mac is a certain upgrade.

  6. It’s kind of odd to think about, but AA has said that Johnny Mac was actually the one Towers was after in the first place. Aaron Hill was the closest thing to a throw-in involved in this trade.

    I’m unabashedly rooting for the DBacks the rest of the way. Maybe I’m a homer, but I’d love to see those guys do well.

  7. I have to agree with Ty. here. I’m looking for Johnny Mac to maybe make some difference for ARI, Hill and Johnson to even each other out. I don’t really see this being a significant trade until next season, in which I hope both Kelly and Aaron do great, and Johnny Mac is welcomed back.

  8. Johnny Mac makes a highlight reel play – Aaron Hill strikes out, flies out, grounds out, then strikes out with the bases loaded.

  9. I just find it kinda neat that the Roberts/Mac/Hill/Overbay alignment has happened before. I wonder how often an entire infield gets transplanted like that. Anybody have the tools (read: patience) to look something like that up?

  10. are there no longer link dumps? i don’t want to have to read through buster olneys blog.

  11. Sorry. This week has just been tough on timing. Link dumps will be back. I promise.

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