The apparent spawn of Dwayne Murphy on his RBI single against the Padres last night, as told to the San Jose Mercury News:

“I thought it was a fastball. I looked at the replay and it was a slider,” said Lincecum, adding he’s no different from other pitchers. “I try to swing out of my ass if I get the opportunity. It doesn’t work out often — or ever. But I’ll take whatever I can get.”

You’re hired! Walking is for sissies.

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  1. Since when is DM against walking? Bautista walk rate= higher than ever, Escobar’s walk rate= higher than ever, JP’s walk rate = higher than it ever was in minors, Encarnacion’s walk rate = higher than normal.

    The only players who are walking less are Lind and Rasmus (don’t tell me you blame murphy for Rasmus after 3 weeks of playing time).

  2. Okay, I think if we offer Alex Rios to Sabean, he’ll take it, right?

  3. Lincecum to coach Murphy: “So, lay one down and move up the runner, coach?”

    Murphy: “SMACK A TATER.”

  4. Fred Lewis? Really?

  5. Dwayne Murphy: “If you get a pitch to hit, you gotta swing at it. And when you think about, nearly every pitch is around the plate, so almost every pitch is hittable. Just sayin’.”

    Aaron Hill: “You might be on to something here.”

  6. You’re all severely misinformed about DM. Yes, his philosophy is if you get a pitch to hit, then you have to swing at it. That’s a great philosophy, because it also means if you don’t get a pitch to swing at, then don’t swing at it.

    This is why the Jays are second last in pitches/PA, but are still middle of the pack in OBP. This suggests that they are swinging at strikes and letting balls go by. This is in opposition to the Mariners, who are near the top in pitches/PA but are dead last in OBP. This suggests an approach of needlessly taking too many strikes. If anything, DM approach is much, much better than the “patient” approach of the mariners, and the results show it. How can you blame a hitting coach when the Jays are near the top of the MLB in runs scored?

    • Wow, I apologize for offending the honor of your boy Murph.

      I can see why you’d take this extensive character assassination of Dwayne Murphy to heart. I’ll take my slings and arrows elsewhere.

  7. BTW, John Buck had his ONLY good season as a big leaguer under Murphy.

  8. You son of a bitch. When I read the title of this post, I nearly choked on my poutine.

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