We Tried to Warn You

Don’t say we didn’t try to warn you about the Yankees offense. In fact, yesterday’s post on the Yankees pretty much described exactly what happened yesterday afternoon in the Bronx.

Crappy starting pitching? You better believe it! Phil Hughes gave up 6 runs in just 2.2 inning pitched! The crappy end of the Yankes bullpen then held the A’s to just 3 runs over the next 6.1 innings. Impressive.

Oh, yeah, the offense. 22 runs? THREE GRAND SLAMS? Not so shabby. ESPN Stats and Info runs down the grim details in exacting fashion.

They even let Jorge Posada play second base!

Best of luck, everybody but the Red Sox!

Comments (9)

  1. What the what the?! George with a J played 2B?

  2. Jorge Posada played 2B coming up the Yankee system?

    He hear all the time about moving a catcher to a different position, but moving a fielder to a catcher just seems strange.

  3. Watching that reminded me how much I fucking hate the YES announcers.


  4. I personally think putting Posada at 2nd was a little bush. I usually don’t mind those types of things, but for some reason I can’t see the A’s thinking it was too cool.

    This is different than having postion player pitch to save your bullpen or having R. Martin play 2nd becasue he can acutally do it.

    …..or maybe this is just my grumpy inner Bob Elliot talking

  5. Pretty sure Posada played second in the minors, so it’s not totally out of left field.

  6. Curtis Granderslam? Really?

  7. I want an awful fate to befall John Sterling.

  8. This is just built up karma meant to counter balance the hurricane that’ll wipe out Yankee Stadium on Saturday.

  9. Jorge’s throw is proof positive that God has long since abandoned this sad little rock to its own pathetic fate. We are doomed.

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