You Can Go Thome Again!

At this point in the season, going from Minnesota (16 games back) to Cleveland (6.5 games back) is a bit like going from an outhouse to a gas station restroom. Sure, it’s an improvement, but there’s still a pretty good chance that when you try to wash your hands in the sink, they’ll be dirtier than when you started.

Nonetheless, former Twins designated hitter Jim Thome has agreed to a trade that will bring the 600 home run hitter back to where it all started. Thome, as we discovered yesterday when the Indians’ waiver claim was first announced, played first (and third!) base for parts of twelve seasons in Cleveland, before signing a contract with the Philadelphia Phillies in December of 2002.

The Twins will receive a player to be named later in the exchange, likely based on the outside chance Thome reaches Type B free agent status in the final weeks of the season.

From a purely cynical perspective, the move reeks of being too little too late, but for fans of the Tribe, bringing back a talented former member of the organization, who played for six playoff teams during his time in Cleveland, is a nice point of celebration to close out an unexpectedly successful season.