What an arm on this guy!
What would a depressing weekend sweep at the hands of the despotic Tampa Rays be without the good men of Getting Blanked picking over the corpse? Nothing, I tell you.

Join Andrew Stoeten, Dustin Parkes (question mark, he’s under the weather) and myself as we take your questions to talk the greatness that is Dewayne Wise and probably spend a lot of time creating/fielding Joey Votto trade scenarios.

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Tweet your questions, comments or calls for various people’s heads and/or jobs to @DustinParkes, @AndrewStoeten and @DrewGROF. Use the hashtag #nobodyuseshashtags because nobody uses hashtags anymore and it makes it that much easier to weed you out.

If you don’t like the Twitters and like the company of like-minded baseball degenerates, hit the live chat after the jump. Good times aren’t guaranteed but are certainly encouraged!