He can bunt, too!
Zack Greinke is pitching like, well, like one of the best pitchers in the National League. His xFIP is the lowest in baseball (2.45) and his team is one of the best in the game. As friend of Getting Blanked Jack Moore points out, since he “figured out” the National League in early July, both he and his team have been nearly unbeatable.

Yesterday against the Cubs, Zack wasn’t content to simply contribute with his exceptional pitching skills. He decided to put the whole tool box of skillz on display. Fielding, baserunning, hitting – you name it, Greinke can do it.

As if pitching 7 and 2/3 innings of one-run baseball wasn’t enough, Grienke took it upon himself to contribute with the glove, too. Here he snares a line drive off the bat of Alfonso Soriano and flips to the first for the double play. Fielding his position! Helping his own cause! All that good stuff!

Later, Greinke poked a single through the hole in a tight game, setting the table for the potent Brewers lineup. Not content to stand around on first base wearing a warm-up jacket, Greinke caught the Cubs napping or “Cubbing” while taking his lead.

Clever! Zack Greinke cannot be stopped, especially not by inattentive Cubbies playing out the string. This single and steal combination added nearly 5% to the Brew Crew’s chance of winning, ranking him fourth among hitters on this day.

His head is really in the game, grabbing an extra base like that. Surely a guy like this couldn’t cope in a big market like New York or Chicago, where mental alacrity is prized above all else.

GIF tip to our head-giffer-in-charge Bill Baer. He’s smart! And good at things.