Not too much to add here. The Colby “Arm Dog” Armstrong, Phil “Princess Kessly Kesslebeans” Kessel, and some other Leafs bros take batting practice at the Rog Mahal before yesterday’s game. The highlights include J.P. Arencibia’s shameless pander representing the Leafs with a backwards cap as Brett Lawrie gives hitting instruction. Aaron Cibia also shows he can trade in the art of shameless hockey grabass by slapping butts with his composite stick.

Perhaps the Getting Blanked BP video bump will boost the Leafs to the conference finals, just like it did with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Hahahah, oh wait: you’d have to make the playoffs first.

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  1. I approve of the abundance of Leafs bashing. Thumbs up.

  2. Nice. Thanks. Is it me or is Kessel looking kinda chunky?

  3. If Kessel’s “chunky,” Jesse Litsch is morbidly obese.

    Anyway: Go Leafs Go.

  4. The more J.P fraternizes with the Maple Leafs, the happier I become about the prospects of Travis d’Arnaud being our starter come 2012/13

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