Over the last two weeks, the Toronto Blue Jays have designated three pitchers for assignment, all occurring immediately following a bad outing. Two of the three DFA victims were acquired in the trade that also brought Colby Rasmus to Toronto, while the other spent the majority of 2011 in Triple A Las Vegas.

Today, the Blue Jays announced that lefty reliever Brian Tallet had been designated for assignment, less than 24 hours after blowing a save in Baltimore in the bottom of the tenth inning. Prior to Tallet, Wil Ledezma was DFA’d on Saturday after giving up six runs in one inning of work in a blowout loss to Tampa Bay. Before that, Trever Miller was DFA’d on August 16th after facing two batters the night before and giving up a home run.

The most recent roster move came about mere hours before rosters are expanded for September call ups, and the deadline for naming potential members of a post season roster (for which Tallet may find himself grateful). Taking Tallet’s place on the active roster is Carlos Villanueva, who is returning from a stint on the Disabled List.

I’d like to say that Brian Tallet pitched to only five batters in his short return to Toronto, but the verb “pitch” connotes a controlled, mechanical movement. I’m going to go with “lurch” instead.

Brian Tallet lurched the ball to only five batters in his short return to Toronto.

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  1. It was really fair to tell Brian Tallet to close out a close game, then cut him when he failed. I thought that was appalling yesterday. Its like if they asked one you to write a 15 page essay on the molecular impact of stem cells, then fired you when you couldn’t do it.

    • I get what you’re trying to say, but that analogy only applies if you had trained your entire life in the molecular impact of stem cells, and still failed at writing the essay. Brian Tallet is 33 and has now had 3 consecutive below-average years (to be generous), despite the advantage of pitching to only left-handed batters. Instead of setting him up to fail, you could see it as giving him a final chance to succeed at the major league level. How many chances should he get?

  2. @Ray —

    I completely agree with you. Same with Trever Miller.

    Here’s a thought: maybe the on-field management shouldn’t put a guy who’s so bad he’s ONLY ONE OUTING AWAY FROM BEING DUMPED in high-leverage situations? Hmmm!

    It’s not like the Jays need an excuse to fire Brian Talent (har, har) if they wanted to… Like AA needs to say, “we’d loooove to keep you, but last night’s performance was so bad we had to let you go.” I’m sure a “this is the business of baseball, sorry, there isn’t a spot for you” would suffice.

  3. I’m sure Alex would have changed his mind had he known there’d've been this outpouring of support.

  4. You know what, they did Tallet a favour by letting him rehab his way back to the majors. He still sucks, though.

  5. Laughing out Loud (not too short, I assume)

  6. That last comment was @Lanky

  7. he was a key member of tank nation. and he will be missed.

  8. We need more guys like Tallet, Ledezma, and Miller around if we have any hope of having our 1st round pick protected.
    Viva Tank Nation!!!

  9. Who’s next? Rommie Lewis? Worst Jays pitcher ever?

  10. Short for Romulus?

  11. OK, I’m clear on what has happened. My question is : Why did it happen? I have no idea what the return of Brian Tallet was about. Some kind of favour to Buck Showalter? And where was FF?

  12. guys they probably did him a favour, they DFA him so he has the chance to catch on with a team in the playoff hunt, trevor miller just signed with the red sox, every team in contention is looking for left handed bullpen help down the stretch

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