Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs hosted the Pittsburgh Pirates in a battle of perennial underachievers. The game quickly went in the wrong direction for the Cubs, then at 59-78.

In my lifetime, I have only seen two legitimate doubles in which the baseball never left the infield. One is the bunt double, which happens infrequently. The other is complete and utter unawareness of the infield, or the Cubs yesterday.

With one out in the top of the first inning, third baseman Josh Harrison worked a full count against Cubs starter Ryan Dempster before hitting a weak chopper in the hole between third base and shortstop. Harrison, possessing above-average speed, beat out Starlin Castro’s throw to first for what appeared to be a single. However, the Chicago infielders collectively took a nap and second base was left unattended. Harrison made the turn and took the extra base uncontested.

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The whole situation is just baffling. Where was second baseman Darwin Barney? Did Starlin Castro enter a time vortex? How is it that there were zero people within sprinting distance of second base?

Ah, you slay me, Cubs baseball.


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  1. I understand that , perhaps, Starlin Castro is so deep in the hole, he’s in left field. The second baseman appears to have been eaten by a time vortex.

    I feel, though, that Harrison get too much credit here, as I seem to remember somebody turning the infield single into an infield triple earlier this year. A Mariner player, I think. Somebody help me out here.

  2. Brendan Ryan, I think it was. Someone certainly took third on a relatively routine grounder, though.

  3. I’d be able to chuckle about this were it not for the infield triple my beloved A’s gave up earlier this year. /sobs

  4. The Brendan Ryan play was even worse. Great for Ryan but made the As look like the Bad News Bears.
    On a lark I looked up ‘infield homerun, the only thing I found was a little league four base error.

  5. 2 similar cases of napping; the Jays pulled a double-steal against the Orioles last Tuesday well after the catcher had already caught the ball. Escobar was trying to bunt the runners over, so every infielder was either converging on the ball, or covering 1st base. DeWise & Mike McCoy looked around, saw that the security guard wasn’t paying attention, grabbed that candy and ran.

    Also, 2 years ago the Blue Jays were playing in Philadelphia on June 18th, Marco Scutaro walked to lead off the 3rd inning. Joe Blanton got the ball back and put his head down in shame, Utley & Rollins were staring off into space somewhere, so Marco ran to first, turned the corner and ran right into second for the only 2-base walk I’ve seen outside little league.

  6. Why does anyone have to be napping?! I’m a Phillies fan, so it’s not like I’m standing up for the Cubs because I’m a fan. The ball was in the hole between third and shortstop which puts those guys over by third base. The second baseman (if he’s anything like Chase Utley) was running to back up the throw in the event of an error. Utley often makes it into foul territory, which would explain why there was no one in site. Relax.

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