Most of the time, being a baseball commentator is a cushy job. You get into the ballpark for free every night, you sit in a nice comfy seat, and you talk endlessly about the game you love. No manual labor, no menial paperwork, no mindless hunting-and-pecking with a keyboard. Sometimes, though, broadcasting becomes a grueling endeavor. Sometimes the commercial breaks aren’t long enough for you to go to the bathroom or get something to eat, so you hold it and go without. Not so for the Giants’ broadcasting team of Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper.

Last night, as the bottom of the sixth inning was about to get under way, Kuiper eyed the kettle corn vendor at AT&T Park. “There he is!” Kuiper exclaimed excitedly. When he drew near, Kuiper got his attention by yelling “kettle corn” in some kind of accent that can only be considered San Franciscoan. He then convinced the mannered fellow to toss him a bag. Notice in the .gifs that there is no exchange of money.

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First, here’s a look at just how friendly the kettle corn guy is, stopping in his tracks and turning away to give his fellow employee room to walk through.

Kuiper, being an alpha dog, saw the weakness and used it to his advantage. At first, it was a hassle since the kettle corn guy never learned how to throw.

But eventually they got it right, and Kuiper was fed. For free.

After the vendor walked away, Kuiper said, “Jeez, I had a fifty I was gonna give him, you think he’ll be back?” Of course, Kuiper knew the kettle corn guy wouldn’t be back. That fifty never existed.

Duane Kuiper. Kettle corn thief.