Can Storm Troopers Swing A Bat?

While The Force may have let the San Francisco Giants down following this year’s All-Star break, it didn’t stop AT&T Park from celebrating Star Wars Day at the stadium on Sunday. From Storm Troopers standing guard during the lineup exchange to Lou Seal in a Jedi costume, the team and fans went all out.

This is one of many reasons why going to the ballpark in San Francisco is fun, even if the team isn’t performing up to expectations and the lineup has more in common with the Seattle Mariners than the Boston Red Sox.

This is not a bad thing, no matter what crusty old beat writers like Bruce Jenkins of the San Francisco Chronicle might try to tell you.

On any given night, your favorite Giant goes 0-for-4 against a team long dismissed from relevance. And every night, without fail, the park is filled with enthusiastic patrons, still wrapped in the comfort of last year’s world championship and getting only mildly upset with the proceedings.

So, apparently, you can only have fun at a ball game now so long as your team is going to the playoffs, which you know, at this point in the season eliminates just about 24 teams’ fans from having a good time.

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Surprisingly, this isn’t even the nerdiest thing to happen in San Francisco this week.