Strasmas is officially on hold

The first day of school is usually filled with dread and regret. As a kid you start eyeing the calender suspiciously as soon as it turns over August, knowing the awful return to school is just around the corner. As you finish school and move on to your professional life, you wistfully observe the education ritual and wonder if this might be the year you head back, finish that ________ program and quit this lousy, soul-sucking job. Not to mention it officially signifies the end of summer and the onset of the cruel winters years here

Fitting that on this least anticipated day of the year coincides with the most anticipated return of the baseball season: Merry Strasmas! Sadly, the ballyhooed return of the Nats Great Hope looks like it might not get off the ground at all, as rain threatens the entire Beltway area like an outright ban on lobbyists.

Keep one eye on the Doppler Radar and the other eye on the sky for Strasburg’s non-secular flying ship of hope. Strasmas morning may end up part of a day/night doubleheader.

Image courtesy of The Weather Channel.