Jeff Francoeur Did This

It seemed almost laughable earlier this season when the Kansas City Royals revealed part of their plan to ruin the incredible farm system that has fallen into their lap by signing Jeff Francoeur to an extension, despite the very real opportunity to net a positive gain after acquiring the outfielder not so affectionately known as Frenchy this off season. While many of us may be able to guffaw over this ridiculous decision by the Royals, do not count Oakland A’s outfielder Michael Taylor among the chuckling.

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  1. Can I just say I love watching when this happens and am a little surprised it doesn’t happen more often.

  2. It’s probably my favourite play in baseball.

  3. at least you he wasn’t thrown out from left field! –

  4. I expect better speed from an “athletic” player like Taylor. But Frenchy showed his work ethic and made that throw because he is “scrappy” and “hard working”. I think if either of them were “firey”, this play wouldn’t have happened.

  5. Not enough craftiness or clinical calculation.

  6. Remember Frenchy’s first year??? He was a stud…how the mighty have fallen to the point where we critisize one of the worst clubs for giving him a contract extension. The game of baseball sure does have it’s quirks.

  7. How is the nickname “Frenchy” not affectionate?

  8. Michael Taylor in the big leagues looking pretty decent (in his very small sample size).

  9. Didn’t Larry Walker do this often with the Expos?

    The batter must certainly feel shame heading back to the dugout after that.

  10. Am I the only one who wishes umpires would call people safe when the first basemen leave the bag before the ball gets there? It seems they always get the benefit of the doubt. It’s hard to tell exactly in this video, but it sure looks like the first baseman pulls his leg off before the ball gets there. They all do it on close plays to try and mess with the ump.

  11. Actually, it looks like Taylor is chuckling. I will count him as I like!

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