It’s growing increasingly difficult, even for Yankee haters, to not like everything that Curtis Granderson does.

Aside: I know it’s a counting stat and very much dependent on the players hitting behind him, but it’s still impressive that Granderson has scored 23 more runs than the next closest batter this year.

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  1. Lol okay Buck Martinez. Bautista would be killing him in runs scored if he had a half decent line-up batting behind him

    • The Jays actually have a pretty good lineup behind Bautista, seeing that they have scored the 5th most runs in the league. Its just that the Yankees, Red Sox, (and Rangers) have even better offenses. Also what Parks said below.

  2. Sports Illustrated called. They want Jon Heyman back.

  3. Nope. It’s not all the lineup behind him. Granderson has the fourth highest base running runs above average and speed score in the league. He’s a far superior option to Bautista once he’s on base.

    • I don’t disagree that Granderson is a far superior baserunner than Bautista, however I wonder how Bautista (considering his superior OBP to Granderson’s) would fare if he exactly the same line-up driving him in.

      The “Runs” leaderboard might be far more tight.

  4. As evidenced by bautista’s corey pattersonesque base-running yesterday, touche.

  5. Every time Bautista is on base, I feel as though an injury is coming. Someone should have a word with him and explain that he doesn’t need to steal bases and take huge lead offs as well.

  6. I truly despise the Yankees, and it doesn’t help that my grandfather, father & cousin are big fans of theirs. However, Curtis Granderson might be my favourite active baseball player. My favourite player of all time is still Dave Winfield, which is where a good chunk of the Yankees-hatred comes from.

  7. parkes you sound like a total douche when you talk.. Do you ever have a thought of your own, or is everything that fangraphs or a computer says…

    “no its not the offence behind him, its his base running skills etc”

    are you fuckin kidding me? so hitting in front of texiera ( 60 extra base hits) Cano ( 70 extra base hits) has nothing to do with it???

    Lind has 37 extra base hits, Encarnacion has 51.. thats 130 to 88 for the players that directly follow Bautista/ Granderson..thats a difference of 42 extra base hits ..

    Based on Bautista’s OBP, 42 more extra base hits after him would score him around 19 times give or take.

    That would give him 117 runs score to Granderson’s 126…

    No but I guess Bautista just doesn’t have the “fangraphs” base running runs. What a load of crock..

    honestly somehow, pull your pretentious, wannabe know it all, head out of your ass.

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