Kisses and Sausages

I promise you I won’t overload the .gif posts with just Phillies material, but there has been a lot of it over the last couple days. This first one, I just can’t explain. After the jump…

That is Phillies third base coach Juan Samuel getting a kiss from a costumed girl in a between-innings skit at Miller Park. Only, I don’t understand this routine. Fortunately, someone on Twitter was able to shine some light on the matter. Via @santo_caruso:

@CrashburnAlley milwaukee tradition when you take a local girls virginity she cleans your shoes w/ a giant broom

Oh, okay. Makes sense. Moving on.

Pete Orr almost went the way of Randall Simon, interfering with the Brewers’ sausage race. He went out to trot to his position, unaware there were five mascots hurdling his way, and he couldn’t get out of the way of the hot dog. Via Matt Gelb, Orr said, ”I think I kneed him a little bit.”

Those of you with a sharp eye may have also noticed something going across the dirt from the Phillies’ dugout. Someone stomped on a cup attempting to get the mascots wet and interfere with the race.

The Phillies have been accused of cheating before, but meddling in a mascot race? They’re sinking to new lows! If you want to catch the culprit(s), just look at any money wagered on the Italian Sausage, who won the race.