Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson, co-MVPs of the 2001 World Series, both threw out the first pitch (pitches?) before last night’s Padres-Diamondbacks game. Throughout his career, Schilling worked the strike zone with pinpoint control, finishing with a BB/9 below 2.0 in seven different seasons with a career average right at 2.0.

Last night, though, he was more vintage Rick Ankiel than vintage Curt Schilling.

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  1. Does any one else have a browser bog down when all these gifs are posted?

  2. Can you make a separate site for .gifs ….? I’m here to read about baseball mostly… gifs are fine when they have some sort of purpose but a post thats just a. gif kinda sucks…

  3. LOL, Schilling looks like Philadelphia Collins from Trailer Park Boys.

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