After getting swept away by the Tampa Bay Rays over the weekend, the once proud leaders of the American League East, the Boston Red Sox, now find themselves holding onto a Wild Card spot by only 3.5 games. Cue panic, rending of garments, mass hysteria and renewed memories of 1978 in the New England area.

Aside: This is the kind of stuff they did in 1978.

For those of us with an attention span longer than the last week, we’ll remember that this season started with much of the same worries when the Red Sox started the season by going what seemed like 0-30, but was actually 0-6, and then 2-10 after the first couple weeks.

While it may be exciting to think that of 16 games remaining on the Boston Red Sox schedule, four are against the Tampa Bay Rays, the team nipping at their heels, perhaps more important is that seven of those games are against the Baltimore Orioles. The Tampa Bay Rays also have seven games remaining against one opponent, but instead of division cellar dwellers, the Rays are about to get very familiar with the New York Yankees.

Red Sox fans shouldn’t be worried about making the playoffs, as they still have an 88.2% chance of making it compared to the Rays’ 11.4%. Instead, the panic should be reserved for what’s going to happen once they do get into the knockout stages.

Despite having three of the top six position players in wins above replacement in the American League, the Boston Red Sox starting rotation has used seven different pitchers in the last thirty days, four of them with ERAs over six. While concerns over the health of Josh Beckett’s knee may be allayed by a start on Friday, there are some serious question marks about the Red Sox starters after Jon Lester who has been lights out exceptional over the last month.

This becomes even more worrisome for Red Sox fans when we consider MLB’s new policy this coming playoffs which will ensure that off days only take place on travel days. This would make it very, very, very difficult for a team to rely on a three man rotation at any point during the post season. Assuming that Clay Buchholz can return in time it wouldn’t be surprising to see Boston’s playoff rotation include Lester, two pitchers coming off of injury and Erik Bedard.

While the fear in Red Sox nation may find an outlet with the team’s current slide, it’s spurred on and brought to the point of hysteria by the lack of other interesting races around the league. The real fear should be reserved for what happens in a best of five and maybe seven game series when the vulnerable parts of the team will truly be exposed.

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