Manny Being . . . Oh Man

I always liked Manny Ramirez. He was a unique, seemingly creative and an eccentric baseball player that found enormous success despite straying from the cookie cutter approach that so many other baseball players take.

I right there to defend him after the first time he tested positive for banned substances, and after the second time, I was more disappointed than angry. Still, there was a feeling among his fans as we scrambled to come up with excuses for his actions that while Manny may be misguided, he certainly wasn’t malicious.

This sentiment is well described by Craig Calcaterra from HardBall Talk:

I don’t think even the harshest Manny Ramirez critics ever considered him to be a truly bad guy. His transgressions were usually seen as those of an absent-minded man. A flake. Someone with motivation problems. The PED stuff was troubling, but so many ballplayers did it that it spoke more to his baseball character than some inherent personal flaw apart from said laziness.  Those of us who truly believed in the concept of Manny being Manny thought of him as a mostly benign eccentric.

Things changed last night after Ramirez was arrested by police in Florida on battery charges stemming from a physical altercation with his wife. The former Indians, Red Sox, Dodgers and Rays outfielder allegedly slapped his wife during a dispute, causing her to hit her head off the headboard of the bed. Ramirez denies that he hit her.

The “Manny being Manny” blanket can cover a variety of sins, but spousal abuse in any sense is too large of an issue to laugh off with a catch phrase. Not cool, Manny. Not cool.

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  1. I think we’re going to have to recognize that Manny is just really really stupid.

  2. This isn’t the first case of Manny being abusive. There was also the time he shoved the Red Sox traveling secretary over a ticket dispute. This guy was older than Manny and likely not as big. Maybe Manny isn’t the lovable goofball everybody thought he was.

    He also fought with Youkilis that same year, however I think even Gandhi would’ve taken a swing at Youkilis.

  3. Maybe we can just chalk his antics up to him being … uhh … “fiery”.

  4. Newsflash, all, vindictive women make this sort of thing up. There are plenty of damaged women that WILL invent stories.

    I’m not saying that is happening here, i’m just saying, don’t jump the gun on due process.

  5. And there are plenty more damaged women who are scared to go to the police because people will assume she’s lying, especially when her husband is famous or powerful. You think it’s an easy thing what she’s doing? Do you have any idea the kind of crap she’ll take because of this? I’m more inclined to believe her side of the story because of the way our society tends to dismiss incidents of domestic violence. Why would she make this up?

    • Let the police do their job is what i’m saying. I have experience in this, so I don’t care about your opinion. I care about people waiting.

  6. If you read the link, Ramriez says he didn’t hit her, but grabbed her and “shrugged” her, which I assume is a typo for shove. That alone is reprehensible, and that’s the best case scenario.

  7. meh….maybe she was just being a bitch?

    If you think that no woman has ever done anything to deserve a slap in face, then you haven’t been around enough.

    Or maybe he’s a complete asshole. Who knows?

  8. Rob, you really think women should be hit around if they do something you don’t like? I feel sorry for the women in your life and pray they never get hurt.

    • Don’t be stupid and learn some reading comprehension. Never once did I say that women should be hit around if they do something I don’t like.

      What I said was that I have at times seen a woman do something that deserves a slap in the face. Just like I have at times seen men that deserve a punch in the mouth.

      Maybe ManRams wife was one of those women, or maybe she is an innocent victim of domestic abuse, in which case Manny should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The point was, none of us know what happened so to comment like we do is pointless.

      • And my whole point is that violence is not a response. No one “deserves” a slap. You make think it’s a harmless comment but it’s comments like that that creates a culture that says it’s ok to use violence. And I’m sick of standing back and tolerating it.

    • You ever have a woman come at you with a weapon? Punching? you shove her out of the way and you’re wrong?

  9. I’m not saying this is the case in this situation, but women are certainly capable of punishing men by making up stories or provoking. I’m not saying it’s ok for anyone to hit anyone. But both genders are capable of very reprehensible behaviour.

    I can’t say “I believe the woman, because violence is awful and women can be victimized and victims are scared.” Nor can I say “Women are bitches, and will manipulate men, especially rich men, to get what they want.”

    I’m just interested in facts, as should law enforcement be.

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