Tater Smacked

Expanded roster recall Juan Francisco of the Cincinnati Reds isn’t an enormous man. At 6’2″ and 180 lbs, he’s barely a typically sized baseball player. However, last night, the third baseman surely ate his Wheaties with an appetizer and dessert comprising of special Popeye spinach, as evidenced by his mammoth home run that literally left Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati.

The home run was estimated to have traveled 502 feet, the longest of the year by 16 feet, and the first to travel over 500 feet since one by Adam Dunn almost three years ago. Coincidentally enough, Dunn also (still) holds the record for the longest home run at Great American Launching Pad when he hit a 535 foot moon shot into the Ohio River in 2004.

Crotch grab to Dave Brown at Big League Stew.