Whazzzzzzzuuuuuuup! It’s time once again for us to take our faces for radio and voices for print to the audio airwaves for the latest edition of The Getting Blanked Podcast.

This week we were joined by a special guest co-host,  Scott Lewis,  who did an admirable job at filling in for Drew Fairservce while he attends to a newer, female version of himself, recently extracted from his wife.

We were also fortunate enough to pry Marc Normandin away from his Baseball Nation duties long enough to talk about the Boston Red Sox and the inevitability of their late season collapse, and how fans of the team are taking it very much in stride without any overreactions whatsoever.

We shift gears long enough to investigate some of the less inspiring moves of the Alex Anthopoulos regime. And of course we end things off by taking a massive dump on the Toronto International Film Festival, which I am far from alone in positively hating.

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