In releasing its 2012 regular season schedule earlier this morning, Major League Baseball also revealed that the Florida Marlins, to go along with their new stadium, have been rebranded as the Miami Marlins. Fans of alliteration rejoice, while fans of FLA database labels mourn.

Other highlights from next year’s schedule:

  • The Miami Marlins open up their new stadium against the St. Louis Cardinals on Wednesday, April 4th.
  • The next day’s schedule includes six openers including Phillies at Pirates, Blue Jays at Indians, Red Sox at Tigers, Braves at Mets, Nationals at Cubs and Dodgers at Padres.
  • Nine more openers are scheduled for Friday, April 6th, with the first full slate of games occurring on Saturday, April 7th.
  • The primary Interleague rotation will match up divisions in each league: East vs. East, Central vs. Central and West vs. West.
  • The first day of the 2011 First-Year Player Draft will be on June 4.
  • The 83rd All-Star Game will be played on July 10 in Kansas City, and will include a four day, instead of three day, break.
  • The last games of the regular season are scheduled for October 3rd, meaning that no matter what, your team will experience October baseball this year. Thank you, Mr. Selig.

A little bit closer to home, notable dates for the Toronto Blue Jays include:

  • As previously mentioned, the season opener takes place in Cleveland against the Indians on Thursday, April 5th.
  • The home opener is scheduled for Monday, April 9th against the Boston Red Sox.
  • The Blue Jays have two ten game and two nine game road trips.
  • There’s a chance to see Stephen Strasburg pitch at some point when Toronto hosts the Washington Nationals June 11-13.
  • Roy Halladay and the Philadelphia Phillies come to town from June 15-17.
  • From July 16-23, the Blue Jays will have two away series against the Red Sox and Yankees. #CrunchTime
  • After a four game series against the Yankees to close out September, the Blue Jays stay in Toronto to finish the season with a three game series against the Twins.

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  1. Miami World Series appearance 2015 here we come! Hello McFly!

    • read my mind. This also means that the Marlins will move to the AL to complete the realignment, and thus fulfill the prophecy.

      • Though I am a fan of the movie, this is not going to happen. Miami might make it in 2015 but for the prophecy to be correct the Cubs would have to make it and win it, which will most likely not happen untill at least 3015.

  2. What’s the rationale for a four-day ASG break? It’s in f’n KC – about as close to equidistant from the coasts as is possible.

    And an October 3rd ending of the schedule? Welcome back November baseball.

  3. Ugh. I don’t understand how the day of the week in which the season starts matters. It should always be April 1st. That just makes too much sense.

    I don’t mind a four day break. Typically, baseball players work pretty goddamn hard at their jobs, so a nice mid season break for the majority of them is probably well earned.

    • I believe the 4 day break will be used to make sure there are more eligible pitchers for the ASG, as that was this year’s main ‘news’ at the Mid-Summer Classic, was it not?

  4. It matters. You wan’t to maximize the number of potential three game series’. If April 1 falls on a Saturday or Thursday, it has implications.

  5. When Jays fans got screwed by the G20/Halladay return thing they should have requested as payback an additional series against Baltimore, not Philly, the best team in the majors.

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