It’s that time once again. A time to talk baseball and get angry with people who think that Eric Thames is the future of baseball in Toronto. A time to reflect. A time to voice opinion. A time to pretend as though the Tampa Bay Rays have a chance at catching the Boston Red Sox in the American League Wild Card race. A time to ignore that the Los Angeles Angels are still only three games back of the Texas Rangers in the AL West.

A time to check you clocks, but the 3:30 PM EDT start to our latest live stream is fast approaching.

As always, you can click here to join the live stream!

And you can help row the boat amidst the stream by tweeting your questions, comments, observations and fashion advice to @DustinParkes and @AndrewStoeten.

Or, if you prefer the company of like-minded baseball degenerates, hit the live chat after the jump, but please, hookups are not encouraged.

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  1. is it just me, or is the chat not working? all I see is Parkes’ first chat post.

  2. Yeah, the chat is either borked, or no one is moderating it, thus no posts get through.

  3. No chat, and as usual for me, no stream here.

  4. The real question is what is the brown gunk on Joel Peralta’s pitching hand? Have we got another Kenny Rogers situation here? Inquiring minds…

  5. i agree that thames as a fielder is weak– no first step to the ball–can not go back and make the catch at the wall– does he know how to move the runner along !!– he needs a full year in aaa ball to try to aquire these skills– before the season aa & jf said they would have different approach and hit &run — sac bunt– squeeze play– but i should have known the new manager would revert to the 3 run hr as the talent level of the team is below average. the #1 batter is slower than molina –#2 can not bunt or stay away from the shoulder high fast ball– #3 is only interested in 50 hr , look at the lob stat and you will see how many guys were left on 3rd with less than 2 out because he will not give himself up for the benifit of the team–#4 a terrible year any way you look at it . they will have a difficut winter deciding who to keep. they need cooper at first all year long because he will hit 290–310 and toronto needs two more like him laurie was the real deal and he was left in aaa as we put up with nix– edwin–hill–macoy. snyder is great in the field but can not hit consistently — lowen should have been given a shot- big –strong == smart–areccebia is not the catcher of the present or future — they will have to say good-bye to molina and bring up the kid — edwin is the most difficult as he has all the skill but has a hard time executing– a new aggresive — abrasive– knowageable– manager that will call hte shots on the field is certainly required!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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