Is This What Blue Jays Fans Want?

Putting a spin on the typical (read: boring) photo shopped pictures of potential free agent players in another team’s uniform, MetroNews today put together a rather outstanding info-graphic for its free newspaper that visualizes Prince Fielder in a plethora of different jerseys and hats, all with an added explanation of each possible contender for his services.

Any team looking at Fielder this offseason will have to make a pros and cons list that probably looks a little bit like this:


  • 27 years old;
  • Has only missed 13 games over the last six years;
  • Has hit more than 30 HRs in each of his last five years;
  • Has gotten on base more than 40% of the time in each of the last three years; and
  • Reduced strikeout rate this season while maintaining above average walk rate.


  • 270 lbs;
  • Adrian Gonzalez’s seven year contract with the Boston Red Sox for $154 million;
  • Often ranks as one of the bottom five in defense at first base;
  • Athletic is not a term that one would use to describe him; and
  • Questions about ability to maintain high level of play given body type.


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  1. I like how four out of the five CONS could basically be replaced with, “He’s fat.”

  2. That basically narrows it down to 2 cons:
    1.) money
    2.) he’s fat

  3. Prince Fielder will look good, fat or otherwise, in these new Jays uniforms:

  4. How can a guy whose missed 13 games over 6 years be chastised for his health? This makes no sense.

    @Mike Storeshaw and @VJO +1 to each of you.

    • Who’s chastising him for his health?

      • The very first con: “270lbs”.

        The last con “Questions about ability to maintain high level of play given body type.”

        It’s reading between the lines and you’re doing a horrible job at being discreet about it. The last con can be disregarded by all the pros you mentioned.

        • I think your reading between the lines is leaving a lot to be desired, and could probably more accurately be described as reading your own agenda.

          I’m not against going after Fielder at all. I merely still have questions about it.

          • There’s got to be better cons out there for Prince than the ones you mentioned. And the ones you mentioned are either he’s too much money, his defense isn’t great or that his health is in question.

            The money shouldn’t matter because a) there’s no salary cap b) it’s not your money c) he’s a proven ML player.

            The defense matters. That’s a baseball issue.

            Why didn’t you include the “demand” that he’s going to generate in the off-season. That’s going to be a major con for any team trying to get him.

          • Wow. That is the stupidest comment I’ve ever read. Where do you read anything about his health? Parked is talking about decline. All valid points, Parkes.

          • JD, are you defending a tub of lard for a reason?

          • i think the word ‘chastise’ is mis-employed but JD’s point remains sound. the cons seem to be contradicted by the games played and performance stats.

    • Dustin’s concerns about his body type are valid – it’s used in the business to evaluate how a player of a certain build tends to age and how this will affect his play on the field (not just injuries but diminishing range etc.). That’s why it has little to do with previous performance and has nothing to do with the Pro he mentioned.

      “The money shouldn’t matter because a) there’s no salary cap b) it’s not your money c) he’s a proven ML player. ”

      None of the above points are valid until Rogers decides winning a WS is more important than making money, the Jays can’t afford to be chained to a bad 100 million contract and they will never spend like the Yankees or the Redsox unless this game becomes more popular than hockey. Heard Beeston mention the club has the capability to spend 120M going forward, blowing money just because they can this year will inhibit their ability to win down the road… and i’m just gonna forget about point C.

  5. I haven’t seen him play this year but in years past I have always been surprised with how well he moves for a guy his size. I keep hearing his size is going to cause problems but I don’t believe it. He has always been heavy just like his father who didn’t have weight related injuries. I have been fat and had back and knee problems because of it. Others who were fat kids and have parents and grandparents who are fat never have problems because their bodies are designed to hold that weight where I was just lazy and weighed more than my frame could hold.

  6. That’s really a little much, Parkes. We get it. You’re not completely sold on him because he ain’t got a six-pack. But we’re not “selling jeans”, either.

    Understanding he’ll be expensive, and if it’s prohibitive, I doubt AA will agree to it. But he’s worth a couple of world series championships, I don’t think I care how many donuts he’s swallows each morning.

    • Seriously. How is this at all a negative analysis? Is his defense not one of the worst among first basemen? Is Fielder not overweight? Do overweight players not decline faster?

      • Point 1 and Point 4 and Point 5 are basically the same thing.

        You obviously have reservations about his weight and really that’s one point.

        He’s fat, not athletic and there are questions about him being able to maintain his performance. I don’t see how a GM would consider any of those 3 points as separate issues and not as a cluster.

  7. Pay the man. If you can dump Lind and rotate EE and Fielder at 1B/DH that’s a no brainer. If weight is really an issue than a platoon system is the best of both worlds.

    If this is conceivably the last year we have protection on our first rounder then you have to land the big name this year. Why waste that opportunity or trade prospects when he is available. Save the prospects for a top of rotation starter if required.

    escobar – rasmus – jbau – prince – lawrie at the top of lineup, yes please!

    DP- wanted to know your opinion if this is the off season that the big piece has to be landed?

  8. As much as I love my teams making big signings, and grew up watching Cecil (I still struggle to call Prince by his name and not his father’s), I feel like we’ve come to far as an organization to just piss in the wind like this.

    Is this team close? Yeah, maybe, but at the end of the day they’re gonna need more than one big bat in the line-up. Questions with pitching, sure, but also questions of a lot of these young guys and if they really can hold up, and what the line-up is going to look like. It still needs another year, maybe two, especially with guys like Rasmus, Lawrie, etc. Then you see where you are, you add the big piece after. I think you’ve really got to feel that you need one piece to go for it before you sink a ton of cash into one 270 pound beast.

  9. his dad played with the jays ok, sign himm to be a DH and make 30-40 starts a year at first, you need a bat like this to help protect bautista , i would offer him 20-25 a year

  10. Hey, I’m not sure if anyone’s mentioned this already, but cons #1, 3, 4 and 5 are the same thing.

  11. While there may be some doubts about if the Jays are ready to finally compete in the AL East, one must look at this season and see what can be carried forward from it.

    JBau needs protection in this lineup. What player is he going to be if you wait much longer to roll the dice. Lind is not that answer, no one in this system currently is.

    Lots of young encouraging players have debuted this year. Set some expectations on them and see what happens. You are not bringing a Fielder in for 1-2 years.

    Momentum of the fans. Attendance hasn’t exploded but with JBau, Lawrie, Farrell, Romaro, Alvarez, etc.. coming on the Jays have people talking again. Now is not the time to say – oh ya, 2014 is our year. Fielder in this lineup will add to that momentum.

    Pitching was inconsistent, but if you need to drop 3-4 of your top prospects for a stud, we have 20-30 pitching prospects in the minors to choose from. The point of drafting all those pitchers was not to have a rotation of 15 starters. It was to trade some of them for top level talent.

    Eventually we are either a big market winning team that can bring fans back to the ballpark and keep Sportsnet rolling or we are a perpetual .500 club that looks forward to September only for the call-ups. For every Soriano and Derek Lee that underperformed, there isa Cliff Lee or Teixeira that pays the bills.

  12. Yes, I want prince fielder, but I’d rather pujols(but he’d be way too expensive, so I guess not). Fielder is a stud offensively… last year he had a .261 avg, but a .401 obp, that’s what I want in our possibly 2 best hitters(other is bautista), don’t have to always hit for average, but can hit 90+ walks a year and hit 30+ hr a year. Maybe make him lose 25lbs, he’ll be fat still, but could be a little better defensively with the extra weight off at 1B. 5X120ish? Our offense would match up with the red sox and yankees, just have to sign wilson and/or darvish and valverde/papelbon/bell so we don’t give up 5+ runs against them all the time= PLAYOFFS. Make the fans come AA!

  13. I’d rather go after Wilson.. our offense is a lot better than the rays, the difference between us and them is starting pitching, which for the jays took a huge step back this year..

    Jays are top 5 in offense in the AL.. sure adding Fielder and platooning Lind/EE at DH would be an upgrade, it really won’t matter unless our pitching improves..

    Are we really going to go in to next year, relying on guys like Morrow, Cecil, Alvarez, Mcgowan, Drabek to put together good years, all of a sudden figuring it out?

    Seems unreasonable even for an optimist to expect that much.

    You sign Wilson and instantly add another pretty good starter to the rotation and then you only have to hope 2 of the Morrow, Drabek, Mcgowan, Cecil, Alvarez group to have decent – good years.

    The offense should improve on its own.. we started the year with rivera and patterson as fulltimers.. even if Bautista slightly regresses, the addition of a full year of Lawrie, Rasmus, Kelly Johnson , and something better out of LF, will lead to a natural progression for the offense..Not to mention that Lind, EE, and Arencibia all have room to improve as well..

    So in my opinion, pitching is more of a priority.

  14. I think there needs to some sort of investigation on how someone maintains 270lbs while being a vegetarian.

    That’s a lot of quinoa.

  15. The only thing I may argue in that piece, is he’s probably more athletic than people give him credit for. I think he’s akin to a football player of sorts, I’ve heard his times around the bases are very, very respectable. He also ran 6.8s in the 60 yard dash ( I’m sure I’m in the minority when I say, I don’t think his contract will be as ugly as people think it will be at the end of it. Especially if the team front loads, something like 25m over the first 5 years then 12.5m over the last 2 years and/or maybe have a signing bonus paid over the length of the contract and water down those last couple years some more.

  16. Sorry to add a little more context to that 6.8s in the 60 yard dash is considered average time for a baseball player.

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