Is This What Blue Jays Fans Want?

Putting a spin on the typical (read: boring) photo shopped pictures of potential free agent players in another team’s uniform, MetroNews today put together a rather outstanding info-graphic for its free newspaper that visualizes Prince Fielder in a plethora of different jerseys and hats, all with an added explanation of each possible contender for his services.

Any team looking at Fielder this offseason will have to make a pros and cons list that probably looks a little bit like this:


  • 27 years old;
  • Has only missed 13 games over the last six years;
  • Has hit more than 30 HRs in each of his last five years;
  • Has gotten on base more than 40% of the time in each of the last three years; and
  • Reduced strikeout rate this season while maintaining above average walk rate.


  • 270 lbs;
  • Adrian Gonzalez’s seven year contract with the Boston Red Sox for $154 million;
  • Often ranks as one of the bottom five in defense at first base;
  • Athletic is not a term that one would use to describe him; and
  • Questions about ability to maintain high level of play given body type.