It’s that time once again. Time to get down with your bad baseball selves and join with us for a live stream of monumental capabilities at 3:30 PM EDT.

As the regular season winds down and a race seems to be legitimately emerging, we can probably stop pretending that baseball is still interesting and actually embrace that it is again. For teams not involved in a race and unconcerned with such things as playoff rotations and off day rests, there’s still a ton to talk about as they prepare to enter an off season which might be their only chance to improve themselves.

So, stop waiting, put your finger on the mouse, move it over and click here to join the live stream!

As always, you can help row the boat amidst the stream by tweeting your questions, comments, observations and fashion advice to @DrewGROF and @AndrewStoeten.

Or, if you prefer the company of like-minded baseball degenerates, hit the live chat after the jump, but please, hookups are not encouraged.