So… a little bird came along and told me this afternoon that the logo in the image you see below is what will be found on the caps of the Toronto Blue Jays, starting next season.

I have no idea whether it’s real or fake, but what I’m being told is that the new primary logo will be the bird and maple leaf here, and will include a baseball and the team name arched over and under the baseball (much like the 1977-1996 logo). The BLUE JAYS script you see in this image is, from what I’m told, not a part of the new graphic package but a standard font used on a t-shirt.

If it’s true, what do you think? I’m beyond all for it, frankly. They never should have ditched it in the first place.

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  1. I would definitely be okay with this.

    • that is beyond ugly, retarded

      • you are retarded. Anyone who prefers the crap we have now over the classic Jays logo is insane.

        Lemme guess, you loved the T-Bird logo didnt you? Looked like a friggin’ kids colouring book.

        Stephen below said it right – our long nightmare is over, bring back the glory years!

      • Yes I agree strongly

    • personally all the changes are a money grab… this logo was amazing back in the day. so i hope they are bringing it back.. it could also be meant to be leaked to get the fans reactions… YES BRING BACK THE BLUE JAY! :) love the Flag too!

    • Yes, I love this logo. But we need the original lettering too. That would be the perfect design.

  2. Our long national nightmare is over.

    Now can we get a small tweak to the jerseys so that they at least use navy blue instead of black? THERE’S NO BLACK ANYWHERE IN THE LOGO.

    • except that ever since the Raiders came into being, black jerseys have become the most popular, and they always look sharp. The baby blue looks good 10 games out of 162, let’s be reasonable. So what if black isn’t in the logo? Since when is grey in the Yankees’ logo?

    • “long national nightmare”…thank you for that. I’m going to be up late laughing while trying to sleep I think.

    • I couldn’t agree more.. Just some small changes and go with the dark blue, white and the grey.. Powder blue is a little much for 2012.

  3. The bird looks a mite angrier than the vintage logo. An Angry Bird.

  4. Sexy!



  5. All hail the Toronto Squints.

  6. Would be amazing if that was it.

    Anyone seen that rumored Miami Marlins logo, a complete travesty…

  7. The Toronto SIDE AND/OR CUT EYES

  8. Before I pin my hopes and dreams on this, please reveal source of the leak.

    Because then…..WHEEEEEEE!

  9. The skew on the type treatment is horrible. The icon is amazing.

  10. I really, really, really hope this is true.

  11. This leak is in the same format as the aforementioned new Marlins logo:

    Same font for the city, same MLB logo at the bottom.

    Which means, if the Marlins’ logo is legit, this probably is, too. Good news for Jays fans, bad bad news for Marlins fans.

    • Good research Tony…. you’re right…. the rumoured Marlins logo is awful, and this Blue Jays one is pretty great. After looking at the current logo, particularly in the context of how the Jays minor league clubs are using them, I have begun to hate the current logo. All hail the classic Blue Jay!

  12. I like it. The maple leaf is a little bit more prominent here as well, keeping with the rumours that the Jays will be more ‘Canada friendly’ next year. I wonder if they will go with the classic blue and white home cap, or keep it solid? Nice to see as well that they may be reverting back to being the ‘blue jays’ as opposed to the ‘jays’ that they have been pushing on us for a few years now.

  13. I like it…but I’m not sure how I feel about the Maple Leaf just sort of slapped on there. They could’ve done more to meld it in with the logo. This is pretty similar to the logo that was leaked last year.

    And yeah, that rumoured Marlins one is a disaster.

  14. Looks great! At least it’s not this:

    • gosh that marlins logo looks like something that Vancouver should have.. wow.. no imagination in that one…

  15. I have my mouse poised over the purchase button for “LAWRIE 13″ of this.

  16. That font is awful I really hope it’s tweaked before this is final….

    • Don’t worry, that’s not the real font. It’s just a generic font to show the team name. I’ve heard that the font will be at least similar to the original font (with the stripe going through).

  17. Thank god. This has made my day.

  18. Alex – great job reading.

  19. This is the best version I’ve seen since that lumberjack uniform design they showed in the Star. As much as I liked the idea of the Jays in plaid – this is ultimately truer to the original concept.

  20. So basically it is the old logo without the baseball in the background?

  21. Am I the only one who doesn’t like this?

    • i think it’s inferior to the original. this is a stupid compromise trying to split the difference (between fans of ‘old’ [which is to say CLASSIC] and “new”)…but at least it is preferable to the blob they wear now.

  22. We all need this in our lives. Please don’t fuck it up, Rogers.

  23. I’m really thinking this is fake. My friend in the marketing dept. (who shall remaine nameless due to potential repercussions) said he’s heard nothing about a final logo being made. He did say the bird portion of that logo has floated around, but the leaf being superimposed on it is something he’s never seen before.

    • he also says there are like 8 or 9 different designs in play. I wouldn’t bet on this one being right.

      • Maybe the Jays let this version get out to get an idea of public reaction?

        Similar to the Giants GM letting it slip that he was thinking of trading Tim Lincicum for Alex Rios

    • Good news! I quite like the classic Jay design, but let’s hope the Maple leaf is dropped from the design. As I’ve noted before, a stripped down classic Jay would look great on the team hats.

    • Hi Travis,

      Having seen the finalized MLB style guide being sent out to all the manufacturers, I can confirm that this is the cap logo (minus the text arched above, as mentioned in the post)

      We’re way too late in the ballgame (see what I did there?) to be floating out logos to gauge reaction only to pull it back for something new, that just doesn’t happen in this day of manufacturing and merchandising contracts.

      And this is how this was leaked, a graphic a merchandiser created as a template for their 2012 MLB t-shirt designs was picked up by a Googlebot, someone found it and posted it.

      The primary logo looks a lot better than the cap logo, in my opinion, hopefully that one stays under wraps until the day the club unveils them to the public – which would most likely be mid-November.


      • Thanks Mr. Anon. That’s what I figured. From Mr. Beeston’s comments (a few weeks ago?) on the radio it certainly sounded like things were pretty far down the road as far as the design & that all that remained was mostly red tape / paperwork.

        That & John Lott from the National Post tweeted that the ‘Hustle & Heart’ film crew was at the stadium today to take footage of the new uni’s.

        There’s a more…primary logo? Whoa. I am excited & kinda nervous. Just hoping there’s no excessive red!

      • Thanks for the info Mr Anon..

        Is the cap solid blue? Or is there a white front (like the 77 to 96 hats).. ?

        • The only red in the primary logo is what you see in the cap logo posted above plus the red stitching of a baseball… the rest of the primary logo will really bring back memories of the full original primary logo (look at the logo on the World Series banners, it basically looks like that but with the slightly modernized bird.

          The caps are solid blue, no white front panel… remember, the club never wore the white front panel cap while celebrating a World Series win, solid blue on the road in ’92 and solid blue at home for the last half of ’93.

          • it brings back memories of the time they first changed the original logo, and then realised in about 2 years that no one liked it as much, eventually leading to the blob we see today.

            it was pretty simple this year: go back to the old logo. walk around downtown, what do you see? old jays hats, even old jays hats in purple and so on… but i guess the honchos at rogers think they can make more money by selling the old gear, AND this simulation.

            maybe one day everyone that was around in 92, 93 will be dead and no one will care about the old logo anymore, but until then, we’re stuck with what some cheese-eating design student thinks can broker a compromise between the ideas of children (who can barely summon the brain power to put their gloves on a ball headed for their face) and ~*~real fans~*~ (as i’ve just dubbed myself).

    • seriously.. this could have been prompted to see the fans reactions.. so far I think it’s a go.. most of us agree.. good change.. never should have changed! If something works keep it… honestly.. save your cash.. spend it on the fans for once!

  24. Great logo if this is it. My main question is what would be the primary colour, hopefully the royal blue and not the baby blue….

  25. not the only one. They already had a perfectly good logo. It’s changed just enough to say it’s changed but not necessarily better. Just squintier. Looks like someone who was trying to draw the old one but couldn’t get the proportions right.

  26. A little bird came along and told you Andrew? Haha, ironic.

  27. this, like the current logo is wonky. it is lopsided. it lacks the symmetry of the original logo. i dislike it. accepting this as good really only starts the clock until the next reboot. just use the old one, for eff’s sake and leave it that way.
    the indians aren’t planning on changing their racist logo, so why should the jays try to have “contemporary” looks ever? i think the TML should update their leaf to look tougher. and maybe have a black third jersey.

    has anyone dug up old news stories on what people said about the logo when it was first announced in the 70s? that would be interesting to read.

  28. I hope this is the one. I like this quite a bit & would be ecstatic if they go back to this look.

    • For a while now I’ve really wished the Jays had an “Olde Time” logo, with a simple looking hat like NYY or Boston. I still love the classic Jays logo, of course. But I love that hat.

  29. I’d prefer if they just went back to the original…but all things considered, I’d be happy with this.

    Back to blue + white uniforms, plus (almost) the original logo would be amazing.

  30. Robert – the uniform in that link you have there is amazing. Amazing. That is absolutely the kind of thing they should go for. The classic, simple look is the best. Teams look Mickey Mouse when they try to get too cute with logos and uniforms.

    • Thanks JP – yeah whatever the decide upon, hopefully they just stick with it so we don’t have to got through this every 4-5 years. They think it’s exciting for fans but it’s just frustrating.

  31. I just bought an Alomar Hall of Fame edition retro jersey, so I’m loving this logo change. The new jerseys are “just turrible”…

  32. Good idea, bad execution.

  33. Bringing the old school look back! Love it!!! Now let’s get back to early 90′s form!!! :P

  34. The original logo was so solid. While looking more like an actual blue jay in the beak region, this new one kinda has a Justin Beiber hair-do going on.

  35. Holy shit, Robert. Those are actually pretty snazzy.

  36. FWIW, The person who runs the Uni-Watch site says that he’s confirmed that the Marlins logo (on the same template as this Jays one) is in fact their new logo.

  37. definitely prefer the super simple version Robert posted.

  38. Even if this is just somebody’s design, something about it seems fishy to me. Like Travis said, that maple leaf just looks disproportionate to everything else and doesn’t quite sit right. The leaf looks WAY too big for the logo.

    That being said, I like the new colour scheme, but if they were going to mimic the old logo so closely, why not just revert back to the original anyway?

    • Wait for the primary. The original was dated, when you see the whole package you’ll see they went for a slightly-modernized version of the original logo; which really is the right direction the club should’ve been going in all along

  39. I love it. Rock n roll!

  40. If this is the new logo, it’s a step in the right direction. But it’s so close to the original Blue Jays logo that they might as well go all the way and BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL LOGO.

    Feel free to link to, download, or otherwise distribute the above graphic.

  41. Another proposed uniform, mashing up the ’89-’96 Blue Jays uni with the 70′s-80′s Houston Astros:

    Or lets simply go back to the ’89-’96 Blue Jays:

  42. I just spoke to my cousin who works for the jays merchandising and i showed him this logo.. he laughed and said ‘i wish’ but no…

    without giving too much away, he said think more 97-02 logo than the world series logos.

  43. DC – I really, really hope you’re wrong.

  44. Don’t mind the logo but I hope they don’t use that style of text. I am all for bringing back the old font.

  45. JP… unfortunately I’m not.. they’ve also introduced a lot more red in to the jersey… they basically look like expo jerseys.. i don’t hate the colour scheme, but the logo is pretty bad…

    • DC – well Mr Anon says the opposite of you. If one of you are wrong, hopefully it’s you! :)

      • trust me I wish I was wrong too, unfortunately I’m not. Unless my cousin is lying to me, but that seems doubtful

        • Your cousin likely saw the primary (if any at all) and is comparing it to this one.

          This is the cap logo, it looks similar but not the same as the primary.

    • Well, Mr. Anon and dc’s cousin are saying almost opposite things. Fuck I wish they’d just unveal already so we know who’s full of it.

      • Mr. Anon’s seems to be insider information and has quite a bit of detail that makes it sound legit. Plus, Uni-watch says they’ve confirmed this is the real deal.

        There was likely some confusion about the details when dc’s cousin passed on information. I think we can take this logo to the bank — it seems to be the real thing.

  46. I like the classic simplicity and outstanding design of the old 1970s logo and think that the maple leaf should be kept small and understated. Maybe the leaf should be black to tone it down.

    The ugly “J” slash logo used recently is low-class and tacky, something you’d associate with peasant games like hockey or basketball rather than a noble pursuit like baseball.

    As important as the logo itself is the color. There should be absolutely no red at all in the Jays’ logo. Blue, white and to a lesser degree black are Toronto’s colors. Red is the color of the enemy.

    Please don’t make us hate the Jays by putting red in the logos or uniforms.

  47. For extreme ugliness check this out:


  48. I like the logo but the dark blue part should be black, if you look at a real blue jay that part of the blue jay is black. But it looks good only that part I would change if this is legit.

  49. I think the Blue Jay needs some fangs and horns.. maybe flames for eyes, and it would be perfect!!

  50. It looks like uniwatch thinks this is correct. They don’t say they’ve confirmed it’s the real thing, but they do say this:

    “My understanding is that the analysis presented in that piece is correct.”

    He also calls it the “latest item to leak,” rather than the “latest rumour.”

    I hope this is for real. When was the last time the Jays had overwhelmingly positive reaction to a logo? (Spoiler alert: Never.)

  51. I don’t like this at all. It is the old logo but just different enough that people need to buy new hats/shirts/jerseys. The black and blue was unique and very popular, but I guess after 8 years sales started to fall and they needed to generate more cash. The leaf is ridiculously big and unnecessary at all. It reminds me of a US franchise that slaps a maple leaf on their logo to make it Canadian – for example, McDonalds. I guess the leaf is important in case anyone should forget where Lawrie is from.

  52. I hope we’re not stuck with this. If the old stripey typeface ( is brought back I’m going to be extremely disappointed. That was beyond plain ugly and frankly, kind of embarrassing.

  53. I hope they bring back this logo. Never cared for the current one.

  54. I really hope this is true! so good!

  55. The font is the exact same as that ‘new’ ugly Marlins logo… I think someone is just making all this stuff up.

    • From what I’ve read the Marlins one is definitely real which makes me believe this one is too (and I seem to be one of the only ones not in favour of it). They both seemed to be set up on the college sweater template with the big blocky typeface which makes them look even worse.

  56. That is such a SEXY LOGO!!!!!!

  57. They need to get this one right!!!
    so many uni changes only makes the team look bad..and it shows on the field

  58. its funny i thought they were the “Blue Jays” not the “BLack Jays” i love the new logo they should have never changed from the old school, thats why baseball is a past time! get it right!

  59. This seems like a very nice logo. I wonder how companies come with such creative ideas for their logos.

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