About a month after Manny Ramirez announced his retirement from Major League Baseball in lieu of facing a 100 game suspension for a second violation of the league’s performance enhancing drug policy, rumours began to spread that Manny was still considering playing baseball in the Dominican Winter League.

Today, just over a week after his arrest on battery charges against his wife, it’s been announced that the former outfielder for the Indians, Red Sox, Dodgers, White Sox and Rays will be joining Aguilas Cibaenas of the Dominican League on Monday.

I still don’t understand the thinking behind Manny choosing retirement over suspension, when obviously there’s still a will to play baseball in the one time hero, who has stretched the boundaries of his adorable goofiness this year. His retirement doesn’t cancel out his suspension, and so if he ever wanted to return to Major League Baseball, he’d have to first sit out 100 games, something that he’s done already this season with his retirement.

However, if Manny chooses to never return to pro ball in the United States he wouldn’t be the first former Major Leaguer to extend his baseball playing career south of the border. Supposed 36 year oldĀ Fernando Valenzuela put an end to his MLB career in 1997, but continued to pitch in Mexico until he was 45 years old. This is just about the only circumstantial evidence in existence that supports that Valenzuela was as old as he claimed when he began his career in the Majors.

And The Rest

Boston Red Sox GM Theo Epstein gave up three runs in the eighth inning last night to grant the Baltimore Orioles a comeback victory. Fortunately, the Rays lost as well, so Tampa Bay continues to sit two games back of the Red Sox in the AL Wild Card race.

A lot of the criticism of Theo Epstein has been over John Lackey’s signing. I wonder what people were saying at the time his contract was announced.

The Red Sox lost last night despite a visit from a certain inspiring figure.

Erik Bedard was served with papers in a child support case before his start last night.

Dear Lord God, avert your eyes, this is what the new Miami Marlins logo might look like.

The Philadelphia Phillies are in a league of their own.

Bill Baer crushes the protection myth over at Crashburn Alley.

L.A. Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw won his 20th game of the season last night. Is it enough to make him a favourite for the Cy Young Award?

Tommy Lasorda will be an honourary coach for the Dodgers on Thursday.

R.A. Dickey was the steal of the off season.

Manager Bob Melvin won’t be leaving the Oakland Athletics anytime soon.

Vandals suck.

Team Canada announced its roster for the Pan Am Games and World Cup. I don’t even know what about three of those things are.

Jonah Hill absolutely nailed Paul DePodesta. Sure.

Just how good is Mariano Rivera?

Eric Hinske is doing everything he can to make me cheer for the goddamn St. Louis Cardinals: