Many of the usual big-time reporter types report Lance Berkman and the St. Louis Cardinals agreed to a one-year contract extension for the 35 year-old “outfielder”. Terms are not yet available but we can assume it is in the neighbourhood of “a lot for you and me but pretty fair for a professional baseball player with Berkman’s resume.”

As Mr. Parkes noted just two days ago, there is a certain amount of risk for the Cardinals to extend Berkman, though getting him to sign for just one season mitigates that to a degree. Would they better served netting a draft pick by letting him walk? They just might, in the long run. But just about every move the Cardinals make suggests they aren’t a “long run” club. They need to win in the present – the future be damned.

Perhaps signing this deal indicates reluctance of Berkman and his representation to hit the open market where he might face a form of taxation for his Type-A status.

Does this suggest the Cardinals are intent on remaining competitive enough to retain Albert Pujols? Is this a peace offering to the biggest free agent fish in the pond? Can I ask any more rhetorical questions before you stop reading? Only time will tell, he wrote annoyingly…

UPDATE: Looks like it is one year, $12 million. They expect him to perform as a 3 WAR player next year? Not a bad deal for the Cardinals, other than all the bad parts.