Not much else to add here. A delightful little piece on the L.A. Times Dodger blog about the Vin Scully, featuring one of the all time anecdotes in the history of anecdotes.

I won’t reveal the story here (click through or else!) but I’ll pass alone the hook that Steve Dilbeck uses to elevate this post to its “must-click” status:

The best part of covering the Dodgers happens about 30 minutes before first pitch. That’s when Vin Scully normally stops by the Dodger Stadium media dining room to visit with the local corps.

Sometimes it’s just for a brief greeting, but this season it’s more often turned into a lengthier visit, one where the inimitable Scully will end up sharing a story. And I’m certain, Scully has never told a bad story.

Vin Scully, man. The best of all time.