ALRIGHT! It is the new and improved Getting Blanked podcast. Not really new or improved, just recorded and released later in the week. It’s all about evolution or…procrastination.

With Dustin Parkes joining us remotely, the Getting Blanked team do their darndest to make sure the 2011 regular season is forgotten as soon as possible. Plus, making fun of the Twins!

It is our sublime pleasure to have Riley Breckenridge, a bon vivant and man about town best known for his work as the drummer of Thrice, contributor to the OC Weekly and one of the snarkmasters in charge of the good natured Productive Outs social media baseball extravaganza . Riley joins us to talk about how crappy it can be to cheer for a team with six playoffs berths in the last nine years.

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In addition to the normal Mint Musical Interludes courtesy of The Constantines and Arts & Crafts Records, this week’s show includes music from the newest Thrice album Major/Minor, which you can buy on iTunes, from your local record store or directly from the band.