Well well well. The final series of the season finds the Jays and White Sox playing out the string with Jose Bautista potentially watching form the sidelines. Is there another reason to watch these two teams at this point of the year?

Of course there is! Because as futile these three games might seem, an entire ocean of great baseball awaits us. Like the AL’s best player leading his team to a last-ditch Wild Card charge. The Getting Blanked team is a lot like Lewis and Clark during times like these. JUST BEYOND THE NEXT HILL LIES MEANINGFUL BASEBALL!,

So put on your finest impartial baseball fan hat and get ready to have your horizons expanded and, God willing, your mind blown when you click here to join the live stream!

What better way to exercise your new-found liberation than by making your thoughts and opinions known via the magic of Twitter by hitting Dustin Parkes, @DustinParkes and @AndrewStoeten.

You can also mainline some of this good stuff by joining the live chat fray below the jump. Always remember: it’s not us, it’s you.

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  1. Only reason to tune in: Beanbrawl War!!! “Is that ‘Man In White’ enough for ya!” “Shut the [Getting Blanked] up Danks, you [Getting Blanked]ing clown.” “Tell that little bitch Hawk Harrelson to come here and say that to my face.”

    It could be fun, and it could be a whole lot of nothing, especially with the Blue Jays’ offense missing Bautista, Escobar, Lawrie, and Lind and Rasmus doing his best “Dead Man Walking” impersonation. When Kelly Johnson, Edwin Encarnacion, and Eric Thames are the three best hitters in your lineup (even if Lind returns), you have issues.

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