Let me tell you the truth. Thirty minutes before the game I got a text message on my cell phone from one of you, somebody in the media, talking about personal stuff. I shouldn’t even have to be standing up here dealing with it. I’m sitting here, listening to music. I don’t know who got my phone number, but that’s over the line. Anything else you want to talk about?

That quote was taken from John Lackey during an unexpected tirade from the Boston Red Sox starting pitcher after his team beat the New York Yankees in extra innings to remain one game up on the Tampa Bay Rays in the American League Wild Card race.

It’s widely assumed that Lackey was referring to this report from TMZ Sports that informs us of the pitcher filing for a divorce from his wife Krista, who is currently battling breast cancer.

Insert your judgment here. Okay, now back away.

While the idea of someone leaving another after specifically taking an oath to stay with them “through sickness and in health” might seem on the surface to be more morally reprehensible than running a puppy mill, the truth of the matter is that none of us have any idea of what was occurring on a day to day basis in the Lackey’s marriage to one another.

While this puts me in the uncomfortable position of defending John Lackey on two separate occasions this season (I’ll be having a Silkwood shower scrub later this evening), I’ll maintain that it’s completely unfair to pass judgement. So, maybe, we should avoid the rush to join the likes of Jeff Passan in moral finger wagging until . . . well, let’s just not wag our fingers at all. It’s a really strange and outdated gesture and completely inappropriate when we don’t know the entire story.

Instead, let’s take a quick look at the Wild Card standings, where a complete story has almost fully emerged with the Tampa Bay Rays sitting one game back of the Red Sox, with three games to go for both teams. Boston faces the long out of it Baltimore Orioles, while the Rays must take on the first place clinching New York Yankees to close out the season. Considering the fact that at this point neither opponent has much to play for other than pride and the chance to play the role of spoiler, it’s pretty difficult to decide which team would be more preferable to face.

But divorces and intradivisional AL Wild Card races aren’t the only bit of excitement being showcased as the 2011 MLB season winds down. There’s also a Wild Card battle in the National League, thanks to the Atlanta Braves losing two of three to the Washington Nationals over the weekend.

The Braves awful play of late has allowed the surging St. Louis Cardinals, who came from behind twice this weekend to beat the Chicago Cubs, to also find themselves one game back with only three to go. Atlanta closes out their regular season at home against the NL East winning Philadelphia Phillies, while the Cardinals take on the Triple A Houston Astros in Texas.

To give you a sense of how the Astros are playing right now: yesterday afternoon, the Colorado Rockies beat Houston 19-3 in what I’m certain was a riveting chess match.

Oh, baseball, you’re quite a lot of fun.

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