Red Sox Still Seeking A Trade

Here we are, three games from the end of the season, and you thought that the only baseball trade rumours would be centered around the annual winter availability of Florida Marlins starter Ricky Nolasco.

Wrong! Well, kind of.

In addition to learning that the Marlins will once again be shopping Nolasco this off season, word comes from Boston that the Red Sox are attempting some last minute shopping to land a starting pitcher for Wednesday’s regular season finale. Major League Baseball rules stipulate that while players can still be dealt in September (as long as they’ve passed through waivers) they aren’t allowed to play in postseason games, as clubs have to submit potential postseason rosters long before the final game of the year.

Just last week there were rumours that the Red Sox and New York Mets were trying to iron out a deal that would make Chris Capuano Boston bound. However, the deal appeared to be dead in the water before the weekend.

One can easily understand why the Red Sox might grow a little more desperate ahead of the final series of the season. With Josh Beckett, Erik Bedard and Jon Lester scheduled to start the next three games against the Baltimore Orioles, it could leave the Red Sox having to start Tim Wakefield or John Lackey in the first game of a playoff series, or God forbid, a one game playoff against the Rays.

September trades haven’t had the greatest of impacts in recent years with Jason Frasor, who was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers in September of 2002 before pitching a single game for the Detroit Tigers, probably the biggest name to be moved. However, MLB Trade Rumors tells us that in 1993 there were a bunch of deals done at the end of the season that made a difference, even if it wasn’t immediately obvious.