Chris Davis of the Baltimore OrioLOLes (I will not be getting tired of that anytime soon) swings and misses on a pitch that ends up hitting him. This is only slightly more embarrassing than having a higher swinging strike percentage than teammate Mark Reynolds.

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  1. Was he awarded a base on that? Does swinging at a pitch really constiture a reasonable attempt at avoiding it?

  2. He struck out. 10char

  3. shh. if the orioles think they have their corners in davis and reynolds, they won’t get in the prince fielder bidding…

  4. ‘member when Thames fouled a ball directly off his face? This kinda looks like that.

  5. This happened to me in university. Righty with a big slider throws a fastball at your shoulder (‘m a RHB), you think it’s a slider coming in and start your swing. Too late you realize it’s the heater and you dive back to avoid it but the bat keeps moving and it gets you on the back shoulder or something. Pretty embarrassing when you’re halfway to first and the ump asks you what exactly you’re doing.

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