These are truly trying times for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Not only is he tasked with carrying his Snakes into the playoffs in true Atlas fashion, he also must contend with repeated attempts on his life. It seems rogue baseballs are exacting some very specific karma for committing the unspeakable crime of playing baseball in Arizona.

First Upton survived an attack on his skull by an errant Tim Linceum fastball. Last night things got straight-up weird as a bad bounce ended Upton’s night. The Baseball Gods are angry. Hit the jump for video evidence of the universe exacting a brutal revenge.

First we have the errant pitch from a clearly remorseful Tim Lincecum. We assume him to be remorseful, anyway. He could just have injected some life into the nascent Snakes/Giants rivalry. We’ll never know!

After that bonk on the noggin, Upton took a couple days off to clear the cobwebs, as we’d say if he was a hockey player. Realistically, he had a mild concussion. Back in the lineup for the Diamondbacks last night, Upton took some reps ahead of the post-season. Until the 9th inning of last night’s game when this A.J. Ellis developed a mind of its own.

Kirk Gibson removed Upton from the game after the play even though Upton showed no ill-effects. Gibson went as far as to offer a little levity to the potentially serious situation:

“I just yanked him because it hit him in the head and I said, ‘Let’s just get him out of there,’” Gibson said. “I knew what happened the other day. I think he’s fine. At least it didn’t bounce off his head and go over the fence.”

“At least it didn’t go over the fence.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. Good luck in the playoffs, Gibby.