Red Sox Desperately Seeking Chen

After failing in their attempt to acquire Chris Capuano from the New York Mets last week, the Boston Red Sox have set a new target in their sights: Kansas City Royals left handed starter Bruce Chen.

According to a tweet from FOX Sport’s Ken Rosenthal, the Red Sox may have other pitchers in mind as well, but Chen is the name being mentioned as a possible acquisition to start a potential Wild Card tie breaker game between Boston and Tampa Bay on Wednesday afternoon.

Major League Baseball rules stipulate that while players can still be dealt in September (as long as they’ve passed through waivers) they aren’t allowed to play in postseason games, as clubs have to submit potential postseason rosters long before the final game of the regular season.

Adding more intrigue to a deal involving Chen is that the pitcher currently projects to be a Type B free agent, meaning that the Royals currently stand to gain a supplemental draft pick when he signs elsewhere this off season. That significantly raises the cost on a one game rental.

The deal would also represent a vote of confidence in John Lackey and Tim Wakefield unseen since my high school days when my parents would lock the liquor cabinet before going on vacation.