When Conor Gillaspie tells the story of his first major league home run, I have a feeling he might sub in the details of Brandon Belt’s massive Slash Shot into McCovey Cove. The reality of his first career home run isn’t quite as picturesque as Belt’s long blast through the cool San Fran night.

Instead, he gets a Keystone Kops home run via the magic of a hometown scoring decision. Hit the jump for video of Gillaspie stumbling and bumbling his way around the bases as Ty Wigginton chases his blast with the urgency of competitive baseball teams rushing to sign Ty Wigginton this past offseason.

My favorite value-add of expanded September rosters: a swarm of people waiting to high-five the exhausted Giants rookie as he slouches back to the dugout.

Comments (3)

  1. Ahhhh Wiggy….the fantasy community is the only one that appreciates you…

  2. There should have been 3 errors on that play, really.

  3. That is the most disappointed facial expression I have ever seen after a players first major league homer. You could almost read his mind, “Ah man, I fell down?!? Seriously?!?”

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