Holy. Lord. God. Almighty. Pictured above is what I can only assume is Tim Bogar, third base coach for the Boston Red Sox, stealing beer from a vendor to give to his team’s pitchers.

The depths to which people seek explanations for things that obviously don’t have a clear and resolute cause just sank further than one would have previously thought possible. John Tomase of the Boston Herald informs us that pitchers drinking beer during games on their off days is one of the reasons why both the Boston Red Sox and Terry Francona could use a change.


Even if you want to eschew all reason, pull out a Stretch Armstrong and point to this as a possible reason for certain Red Sox players wearing down late in the year, I seriously wonder which would be more harmful to an athlete’s body: a can of Coca-Cola or a bottle of beer.

Also, it’s impossible to read pitchers drink beer without picturing a literal pitcher of beer.