After carefully weighting the candidates and considering all possible option, the results of the first Getting Blanked awards are in! Weighting the votes of Getting Blanked contributors Sam Miller, Travis Reitsma, Bill Baer, The Common Man, Bill TPA and Dave Kaufman with invaluable contributions from you, the readers and ne’er-do-wells associated with this fine web establishment.

Watch Parkes, Stoeten and myself break down the Cy Young, MVP, Rookie of the Year, and Manager awards in both leagues with a surprisingly minimal amount of snark. For us, at least. Hit the jump for a full list of winners if you must. The real winner is you after watching that quasi-television gold.

Also, more highlights from yesterday’s season wrap-up! Our playoff previews and overrated/underrated players of the year. Onwards and upwards to Meaningful Baseball!

  • AL Manager of the Year – Joe Maddon
  • NL Manager of the Year – Kirk Gibson
  • AL Rookie of the Year – Michael Pineda
  • NL Rookie of the Year – Craig Kimbrel
  • AL Cy Young – Justin Verlander
  • NL Cy Young – Roy Halladay
  • AL MVP – Jose Bautista
  • NL MVP – Matt Kemp

Comments (5)

  1. Rolaids Relief Man Award for reliever of the year?

  2. Your MVP and Cy Youngs were exactly my picks, so they are automatically correct.

    Well done.

  3. Ok all, forget the awards. The mail “tips” this podcast give are invaluable.

  4. Kershaw has won the pitcher’s triple crown; the discussion should end there. But for any doubters, here’s the cincher: compare how the top three candidates Kershaw, Halladay, and Kennedy fared against the top twenty NL hitters and the rest of the league. Against the rest of the league: OPS allowed was .548, .547, and .601 for Ker, Hal, and Ken, respectively. Now, against the 20 hitters Hal’s was .912, Ken’s was .948, and Kershaw… .610!

    I included Kennedy instead of Lee because of Lee’s 17 wins not being enough to beat Kershaw or Halladay. Although I concede that good arguments can be made to include Lee over Kennedy, it doesn’t change the fact that Kershaw should win.

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