The bee bit my bottom, now my bottom's big.How about insufferable and overrated closers with a false sense of security?

It’s over for the Yankees. No more. One hundred percent. I want it over, because I want my team in the second round.

That would be the words of Detroit Tigers closer Jose Valverde, whose Primal Scream celebration and general showboating on the mound is about as tasteful as a mouthful of charcoal, especially following a game in which he’s allowed two runs and almost lost the game for his teammates in the bottom of the ninth inning.

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  1. I had a good chuckle during the broadcast last night when Ron Darling suggested Valverde would likely get some MVP votes. 47/47 saves is very impressive according to him and sadly Smoltz agreed.

  2. Also, the other thing more insufferable than a showboating relief pitcher is a traditional sports blogger. I find it hard to believe that a pitcher who is 47/47 in save attempts is overrated. Is he mildly annoying? Yes. But at least he’s got some personality.

    • The saves are exactly what make him overrated.

      • That makes zero sense.

        • No, it makes a ton of sense. A save is a completely arbitrary statistic. Just because he has a streak of successive ones, that doesn’t make him an excellent pitcher. He’s the equivalent of a guy who has a hit streak, going one for four for fifty games in a row. Would you call that guy an excellent batter?

          • That analogy also makes zero sense. I’m not claiming that Valverde is Mariano Rivera, but he’s not Jon Rauch either. You can’t compare a .250 BA to SV’s. They are two utterly different situations and statistics. But, if going 1/4 is so not impressive, why has no one done it since Joe Dimaggio?

            • Rare isn’t the same thing as impressive. Collecting a bunch of saves in a row doesn’t make him a good pitcher. And I’m not suggesting that he isn’t a good pitcher, just that he’s overrated by people quoting his saves as though it’s meaningful.

  3. You know what’s even more insufferable thatn traditional sports bloggers, internet commenters.

  4. I thought the answer to what is more annoying than Yankees fans was Boston Red Sox fans.

  5. Mad love for Granderson, admitting you’d cheer for the Yanks over the Phils, saying there’s something more insufferable than a Yankees fan (other than a Red Sox fan). You aren’t slowly turning over to the dark side are you?

  6. At the game last night (in Detroit), there was an annoying Yankee fan who was cheering for his team in the most obnoxious fashion all game long. He was very quiet as Verlander struck out the side in the 5th on 10 pitches, but he was back to his annoying self in the 9th. Calls of “Captain Clutch” as Jeter (or Jetes as this tool called him) continued right up to the point when Jeter struck out to end the game. That dude literally sprinted out of the stadium. I chose to ignore him during the game as best as I could. I wish he could have been more like the 2 older Yankee fans in front of us, who wore their Yankee gear and cheered for their team as a normal person would, but were not annoying or disrespectful at all, they were just normal fans who just happened to be cheering for the visiting team, no problem. This clown was over the top every pitch starting with the first pitch. I understand rooting for your team, but to be so loud and obnoxious just seems disrespectful to the home team fans, he was trying to make a spectacle of himself. Respect is given when respect is earned.

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