Adrian Beltre clouts.

Camera operator falls.

Professional baseball player relives moment, laughs.

Says a lot about society, man. So does the GIF below the jump.

Courtesy of Grant at Baseball Nation

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  1. I’d love to see the actual video of Beltre while the camera guy is running/falling.

    • I saw it from the actual point of the cameraman when it was on tv and I thought Beltre ran into him for a sec lol

  2. Dick move, Beltre. Dick move.

  3. Total dick move…

  4. Beltre’s an asshole for making fun of him. Poor man is working his ass as a cameraman so he can feed his family. I agree dick move for sure.

  5. “Dick move”??? The dude wiped out; it was f@#king funny, give the guy a break! Are athletes not allowed to laugh anymore either?

    • Athletes like Adrian Beltre are role models to millions of kids, whether or not he signed on for it. If he is laughing at another person’s injury (or that of his camera), he is reinforcing such behaviour in those millions of kids. Which is certainly reprehensible.

      • Reprehensible? Really?
        You think that cameraman wasn’t a role model to dozens of kids? Obviously he’s at the top of the camera food chain if he gets to run with the big boys on the field, he should pull up his socks and not set a bad example.

  6. Amazing how everybody else in the shot just stands there and doesn’t really acknowledge the guy face planting. Would it have killed one of them to ask if he was okay? haha

  7. Dick move says the Rays fans… Beltre just Oh SH!T three times in one game. The whole thing was laughable.

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