Credit Emily Jones of Fox Sports Southwest for maintaining a scintilla of professionalism while confirmed deviant Mike Napoli gleefully sprays her down with champagne.

Additional credit to Adrian Beltre for trying his best to keep the cliches frothing forth as his teammates douse him in cheap bubbly and, worse yet, touch his head. Just an enjoyable scene of mirth for all.

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  1. ah champagne bukkakke.. a new wrinkle on an old favorite.

  2. It comes as absolutely no surprise here that Mike Napoli is the main culprit.

  3. In my day – real men did not have to wear goggles.

  4. One day, Beltre is going to actually beat the shit out of one his teammates. I look forward to that day.

  5. Zee goggles. Zay do nothing!

  6. Champagne bukkakke is a new wrinkle on an old favorite. There is no real surprise here.

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