First of all, grow up. You’re behaving like a four year old.

Secondly, if you don’t right your ship you’re going to end up wasting your future away talking to producers of sports talk radio phone in shows who will never in a million years actually let you speak with the host.

It’s your life, choose wisely.

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  1. Yeah the whining is a bit much – but how much of a douchey parent do you have to be to post that?

    • i resent that. i posted this video of my son. he is lovely, and this is ~*~CUTE~*~. casting directors can feel free to contact us @ klondike5-555-1999. go cards!

      • it has come to my attention that klondike5 and 555 are the same thing; also that 555-0199 is fictional, but all numbers “higher” (ie. -0200 through 9999) are available as phone numbers now. neat.

  2. It’s John Farell after the first blue jays loss without Corey Patterson.

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