Mike Francesa On Top Of His Game

It’s refreshing to learn that there’s still some integrity in the mainstream media, that sports radio hosts are more than just talking heads in search of sound bytes and catering solely to the lowest common denominator.  Take the host of Mike’d Up: Francesa on the FAN, who wouldn’t allow his show to be polluted by callers referencing fictional names of baseball players like Al Alburquerque. I mean, what kind of ridiculous name is that.

Free advice: Next time you want to try and make a host look bad, try to make the player’s name sound a bit more realistic.

Phoned in props to SI’s Jimmy Traina.

And the hilarity continues after the jump with Francesa’s explanation:

Comments (2)

  1. Guy even uses the Old School spelling of Albu(r)querque. Respect.

  2. Oh yeah, I totally believe his “explanation”. The last time I saw backtracking that terrible, Corey Patterson was shagging a routine fly

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